Planning your children’s inheritance

I don’t find it the easiest thing to write about but I know I have buried my head in the sand about such issues for too long.

Planning for your children’s inheritance is an uncomfortable subject is some ways isn’t it? Wondering about life after you have gone, wondering how your children would cope. Perhaps because it makes us sad, fearful, scared and uncomfortable to think about their future without us an awful lot of us put off doing anything about it. And yet, I think all of us would want to leave our children everything we could after we are gone, wouldn’t we? So in reality we really do need to get our affairs in order and get the right policies in place.

Town & Country Law ™ is a national firm who offer specialist advice, products and services in the field of Asset and Estate Planning. This covers areas such as wills, ensuring last wishes are met, Trusts created for Inheritance Tax, Probate and/or Care Fee Planning purposes.

All important financial areas we need to give our attention to.

Do you have will?


I am going to put my hand up here and say I don’t. I think about getting a will ..and then I don’t.  In fact i have just kind of assumed everything will work itself out. But life is never that simple is it?

After my mum sadly and unexpectedly died with no will in place (and my dad too) things were complicated and got divided up willy nilly. Not what I want for my children at all. I want things planned and secure. I need to ensure this in place. In difficult times clear and financially sound arrangements do bring some comfort

I also want to be sure that the home we have worked for all these years doesn’t have to be sold to pay for care home fees and as a result our children get left with nothing at all.

After all nobody wants to unnecessarily lose all they’ve worked hard for due to the lack of planning.

I think part of what has also put me off sorting out such financial provision in the past is that I don’t know much about these areas of finance and  have been worried getting advice will cost me a small fortune. Fear of the unknown often prevents sensible action! But actually some services like Town and Country offer completely free advice with no obligation so you really can have a good think about the best course of action for you and consider and weigh up all your options with an expert on hand to guide you.

We do need to think about the future, our children;’s legacy and the best way to protect it.

It is one of the most important things we can do as a parent and it is important not to leave it until it is too late.




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