The most fabulous food storage to reduce waste

I hate wasting really annoys me, It is such a waste of money isn’t it and a waste of effort and energy in preparing it.

One of my biggest problems is that I will put food in the fridge and completely forget when I put it there and then be really reluctant to use it (scared to making my kids ill!)

I also really like to batch cook to save me both time and money but need to be sure the food is stored appropriately and used within the right time

In the hunt for the perfect storage solution for both the above dilemmas I was sent these amazing storage boxes from Joseph Joseph to review.

Dial, food storage to reduce waste, joseph joseph

Not only are the strong secure storage with a really well fitting lid they also have a date dial hence the name of the range Dial.

The beauty of the dial is that it easily allows you to  put the date on the product before you pop it into the fridge, freezer or storage cupboard so you know exactly when you stored it. Such a simple thing but so useful and a great way to tackle food waste problems. Isn’t it clever?

Such robust storage too,.

Dial 2

have a look at the rather lovely Baby Dial range too.

baby dial

It comes in a range of sizes to siuit a baby’s age and stage. Isn’t it just lovely? These are also BPA-free containers come with a clever contra-rotating dial in the lid lets you clearly date the contents.

What a brilliant solution to really make food storage so much easier. We love ours!


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