A spooky Halloween sofa den

We have been busy this week making a special spooky space with DFS #mysofaden .


Do your kids love to build dens?

Mine have loved den building  right from being small, they have great fun creating their den, then playing, reading or just generally chilling out in the small and cost space they have made.

What a fabulous idea to construct a Halloween den, a spooky space for the kids to hang out.

When it came to constructing #mysofaden my daughter L followed the brilliant step by step guide to making dens that we found over at DFS

First of all she followed the instruction to actually building the den.It ws really straightforward.

All she needed was:

  1. One sofa
  2. 4 sofa cushions
  3. 1 light blanket or sheet
  4. Snacks and supplies

Not too hard to provide…then to be honest I pretty much left her to it.

Here’s what she made.







I love to see my daughter be creative and love to give her the freedom and space to create things independently. She played for ages in her spooky space and was so proud if it.

I think I might just go ahead and build a sofa den big enough for me!  I could just imagine it – chocolate, magazines, a cup of tea, my kindle, maybe a movie to watch and some fairy lights. It would be magic! They’d not find me for ages would they!



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