How to Make a Summer Holiday Scrapbook

Let’s take a look at how to make a summer holiday scrapbook


How to make a summer holiday scrapbook


#AD How to make a summer holiday scrapbook

The school summer holidays are long and lovely and give the opportunity to create the very best of memories. Someone wise once told me I had 18 summers with my children at most so to make the very best of them.

And so we have.



How to make a summer holiday scrapbook – Our experience

My work as a writer enables me to be very flexible in terms of timings and so in the Summer I rise early (very early) and write. I then down tools for a big portion of the day and in the evenings I write again.

We have had some awesome summer adventures in our time. Those early mornings are always worth it.

I have always created ways for us to capture these precious memories. We take tons of photos and we always create scrapbooks. When my kids were really young I would do it for them but these days they create them themselves.

The summer holidays are just a few days in here and today my daughter made a start on her summer scrapbook, we picked it up for just a couple of pounds and she was eager to begin.

Take a peek at the great job she did with it the cover.  She does love to craft, she gets into a creative zone and it always relaxes her.


How to make a summer holiday scrapbook


We always start with a plain scrapbook because that way she can make it completely her own. This year she was all about the ‘summer vibe’ with her scrapbook and decorated it with flamingos and pineapples and all things tropical.



What we use to create our homemade scrapbooks

As always, we used our trusted Bostik favourites. Bostik foam pads never ever let me down and I absolutely know things aren’t about to start falling off. For smaller items, my daughter loves to use Bostik glue dots which are also robust and easy to handle. Robustness is so important to a precious craft project you are wanting to keep.


How to make a summer holiday scrapbook


We also use whatever stickers or photos or bits and bobs we happen to have around. It is half the fun scouting around for bits and bobs to use in the scrapbook. Inside goes seed packets, cinema tickets,  pressed flowers, art, postcards and pretty much anything that made up the memories of the summer.

A scrapbook of days well spent.

It is not just the creating of these summer holiday scrapbooks that is fun though. How precious these will be to look back on when the children are grown – they will trigger so many memories for all of us!


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on how to make a summer holiday scrapbook – is this something you might try?


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