How to choose a cot mattress

How to choose a cot mattress

Do you wonder how to choose a cot mattress ? there seem to be so many options don’t there? Giving your baby somewhere safe, soft and secure to rest their head is the loving duty of any parent, but as you’d imagine, there are a million-and-one varieties of mattresses to choose from. So how do you know which one is right for your baby?




When choosing a mattress, thickness does not always equate to quality – the same can be said for baby mattresses. Dent-resistant foam, such as CMHR28, is a great place to start. You can also choose a coir mattress which is thinner but just as supportive. When compared to foam, coir is much firmer, so offers just as much support.



To protect your cot against nappy leaks, it’s best to choose a waterproof mattress. In general, these come in a choice of Futura (breathable and waterproof), and spacer fabric which is quilted too.

You may be tempted to purchase a PVC mat but although it is waterproof, it is not breathable. Make sure you get a washable cover that holds air for your baby to breathe if they roll onto their stomach during the night.


A spacer fabric – such as Maxi Space, Spacetec and CoolMax – has its own microclimate when used with quilting. As well as improving the airflow around your baby’s body, this breathable fabric reduces heat and prevents your baby from sweating as much as possible.



When choosing a mattress protector, an organic variety acts as a barrier from dust mites, and protects your baby’s mattress from accidents. All cot mattress protectors from The Little Green Sheep are made from organically-grown and unbleached cotton to give your baby the driest of nights in comfort and safety.



Any hypo-allergenic cot mattresses are non-allergy inducing. Although useful, parents need to keep covers and the core of the mattress clean by washing them on a regular basis.



Outlast and Thermasleep are brilliant fabrics for keeping your newborn cool, while ensuring they are insulated. The material is combined with quilting to give your baby’s cot a luxurious feel.

For more advice and food for thought, before you go shopping, check out this buying guide too it will tell you more about how to choose a cot mattress .











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