Tips for Creating More Space in Your Child’s Room

Guest Post – Creating More Space in Your Child’s Room

Kids love to play, and having a spacious enough bedroom in which to get their toys out and enjoy them, provides them with endless amounts of fun. But with rooms in UK homes gradually getting smaller and smaller, some parents can find it a challenge to fit in anything other than a bed, and have serious struggles with their children’s storage.

But not every household should have to deal with the overspill of children’s objects in grown-up living spaces. With a little careful planning and some creative thought, you can create a child’s bedroom that gives them everything they need and makes the job of keeping it tidy easier, too.


1.      Sleep high and play low

With a wide range of mid and high sleeper beds available, kids shouldn’t need to take up valuable floor space with something as trivial as a place to sleep. Getting their bed up high and out of the way allows for more bedroom storage beneath, and maybe even a desk for homework or a sofa to chill out on.


2.      Sleep low and store high

If your child is of an age where you feel uncomfortable with them sleeping up high, consider getting them a regular low bed, but creating high level storage. Shelves, hanging rails and drawers can all be fixed to the wall to reduce low level clutter, giving your little person a big floor space to play on.


3.      Hidden play spaces

Think about where there is space in your child’s room. Maybe a pull-out play table or train track could be fitted under the bed, or a pull-down desk on one wall for colouring in? The space under a low bed can be a very versatile storage area, ready for boxes in which to put Lego, crayons, dolls or anything else.


4.      Trays and boxes

Storing toys in pull-out trays like they use at school is a great way to keep kids toys organised by type, and it makes playtime more mobile. Kids can simply take the whole drawer to wherever they want to play and when tidy up time arrives, they simply pack it all back into the tray and slot it back into the unit.

 Creating More Space in Your Child's Room

5.      Wheelie good idea

Continuing on the mobile playtime idea, boxes with wheels are heavenly for kids. Keeping all their toys in a rolling box lets them move playtime to wherever Mum and Dad are, giving them extended play space and giving you an easier clean up at the end.


6.      Build everything in

If you can, building units in along one wall of your child’s bedroom will give you tonnes more storage and impose less on your kids’ play space than big items of furniture would. Building right up to the ceiling means you can store things like clothes, bedding and unwanted toys up high, leaving the lower shelves and cupboards for things your child will need to access more often.



  1. May 9, 2013 / 5:11 pm

    I wish we could do sleep high, play low, but unfortunately, one of mine continually falls out of his bed so not an option. Tips are always good. x
    Scottish Mum recently posted..A Little Bit of Basic SEO TermsMy Profile

  2. May 10, 2013 / 9:17 am

    years ago we went and looked at a house and there wasa large cupboard next to the kitchen, I commented to oh this cupboard will be handy, to be told by the agent that was the 3 rd bedroom. to fit a daughter in we built the bunk beds but left the bottom one out so she had the height and the floor space. she was about 10 at the time so old enough not to fall out
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted..Rhubarb, a lemon and a spiceMy Profile

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