Namees Scooter Name Labels Review

Namees Scooter Name Labels Review

2 mums who live close to me came up with a brilliant idea that I want to share with you

They have devised a really cool way of  identifying and individualising scooters. Where we live their are many many scooters that look exactly the same. Namees work to make your kids stand out.

On the Go Namee’s are  name plates designed to fit vertically on the scooter frame or horizontally on a bike either on the handlebars or frame it  is made of 2 acrylic panels with your choice of bright, funky foreground and background colours.

Aren’t they a brilliant idea. They cost just £9.99. Annalise is very proud of hers!

They also came up with the brilliant idea of the tag that bag Namee basically a durable name tag for school bags as again they all look the same and their are hundreds of them floating about. I love’s so easy to identify hers now! These cost just £6.99 and I cannot begin to tell you how many people have asked me where they are from.


Brydie and Kath we love your ideas & love your product too it is robust and funky and fun!



We do hope you have enjoyed this Namees Scooter Name Labels Review



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