How to make shopping for a new baby MUCH easier

Today – how to make shopping for a new baby MUCH easier
Did you enjoy shopping for your baby?

shopping for a new baby MUCH easier

How to make shopping for a new baby MUCH easier

I have to be honest for me it was a huge stress and I did spend rather too much money and time on the process,

One of the most time-consuming aspects I found whilst being pregnant was worrying about all the baby ‘stuff’ I would need and shopping. I was often at a bit of a loss as to what I needed and then when I did figure it out I would be faced with just so many stores to trail through. Then I’d go to another online store find similar items compare prices and oh blimey! Trying to budget and get the best value for money in relation to the things I needed for my baby was a long, painful and slow process.

Well, I am here to tell you it really does not have to be and that there is a much more time effective and painless way to search for what you need and be able to compare offerings from stores side by side.

Have you heard of LionsHome?

LionsHome is such a time-saving way to shop.

It is a shopping portal that allows you to enter a search term and then it finds you umpteen number of shops that sells what you are looking for and displays them all together. It is like an online catalogue with over… 40 millin products. Yep, you read that write ..isn’t that pretty astonishing!

So for example if you popped to LionsHome and searched cots you would see an array of cots form a huge variety of stores, expanding your choice and saving you a great deal of time, How brilliant is this you get to make an informed choice but save yourself hours. Genius!

Other ways to make shopping for a new baby much easier including the following:

  1. Accepting good quality hand me downs – (not car seats or mattresses though) Babies use items for such little time before they grow out of them that second-hand items are often barely used
  2. Just focus on the essentials. Babies really do only need the basics and not all the paraphernalia so be careful not to get too carried away
  3. Have a budget- I find this always keep my shopping focussed and on track!
  4. Stay away from the glossy magazines – these will purely act as huge money spending temptation and lead you astray!
  5. Do it online and save your aching back and tired legs and have a nice cuppa and a rest as you do it.

Try and not stress too much about shopping. Once baby is here you will still have the time and opportunity to get what you need. So as long as the basics are covered you don’t need to worry unnecessarily.

How to make shopping for a new baby MUCH easier

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