Blizz Crate Creatures Surprise Review

Oh, I do love a new fun toy that makes my kids giggle.

There are 4 Crate Creatures to choose from, Sizzle, Snort Hog, Pudge and Blizz.We were really lucky and Blizz was sent for us to review.

Blizz Crate Creatures Surprise Review

Crate Creatures come in a locked crate and unwrapping the crate is a big part of the fun! You get your own crowbar to pop them out the crate and a lock and chain to take off too and then whoosh out they pop!

Batteries are included (always a big bonus in my book!)

Blizz is super cute. he comes with a frozen ice lolly treat and a hugely long tongue!  When you pull his tongue his eyes light up he vibrates and makes daft noises. If you pull his tail he flaps his arm and if you turn him upside down he makes even crazier noises. If you push lolly in his mouth you can hear him slurp it!  But the best bit? He records your voice and speaks back to you in a male English tone exactly the words you have funny.

In all he comes with 45+ unique creatures sounds, he is cute, very silly and lots of fun!


Have a little look at what Blizz can do!


He would make such a fun gift this Christmas for ages 4+

Blizz retails at £39.99 and can be purchased from Amazon and all good toyshops.


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