Germ Trails #Gloveisallyouneed

All together now…. ‘All you need is Glove, Glove, Glove is all you need’

Germs spread so easly if you are not aware and careful. Germs are especially and easily transferred from hands to food if a lack of protection is in place.

Some things are really basic aren’t they scuh as always washing your hands befo epreparing food using a hand sanitizer. Washing hands after handling raw meat, poultry, fish, or egg products is also vital and some thing I think most perople woudl pretty much always do.

Well I would hope so anyways!

There is a right way to wash your hands did you know? Apparently you should always use warm water and soap and rub your hands together for at least 15 seconds, which is I understand about how long it takes to sing “Happy Birthday.”

But what about gloves?

How many times have you worn gloves at events like a children’s birthday party, or  when hosting a buffet of some kind.


I never think to wear gloves, Although if I went into a sandwich shop and they wer picking up food for me  without gloves ick. I woudl be a bit disgusted yet at a kids would never occur to me. Do you wear gloves?

Did you know it isn’t a legal requirement for food handler to wear gloves ( I so thought it was!) but is good practice, It is important food handlers only wear gloves for single use thought as multi tasking when wearing gloves as this may cause cross contamination.

Brosh Direct are one of the UK’s leading supplier of Healthcare and Janitorial equipment including gloves. In fact they have one of the most comprehensive glove ranges on the market. Gloves are one of the best defences against germs. Bosch have created a great ebook about germs and how to protect yourself and you can download it here Brosch Direct – All You Need Is Gloves e-Book

Trading Standards say  ‘Poor personal hygiene can lead to food being contaminated and food-related illness. ..There are three major types of food contaminants – physical (things you can see in food), chemical, and microbiological – and personal hygiene is linked to all of them.’

This applies on a large and small scale of food production preparation and we all need to pay attention to this, if we want to keep well and avoid food poisoning.

What do you do to fight against germs and are you vigilant about this?


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