How to help your toddler bond with the new baby

How to help your toddler bond with the new baby

Even though newborn siblings are a wonderful gift for your kid, it can be a challenge dealing with sibling rivalry between your newborn baby and your toddler. With a new baby comes a lot of changes and challenges.

As a result, the love of the parents together with every other resource in the family will be split with more preference being given to the younger sibling. Understandably, the toddler will feel out of place in some cases. However, you can establish a bond between the toddler and newborn baby and help your toddler realize the gift that is the newborn baby. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this.


Read books about newborn babies

If your toddler loves reading books, you can go ahead and read about new baby siblings to help your son or daughter appreciate the arrival of his or her sibling.

Make the arrival of the newborn exciting

Apart from reading, you can also get your toddler excited about being a big sister or brother with a variety of activities. You can do this by encouraging the toddler to listen to your belly while depicting the unborn baby as a real person.

Spend time with the toddler

Even though now you have a new kid, it is still important to spend some quality time with the toddler. You can leave the baby with a friend or relative and give attention to your toddler.

Let the toddler help

Not all kids are made the same. For some kids, the instinct to help comes easy. Others might lag behind a bit. Encourage your kid to help bathe and dress the baby if they are old enough to. Overall, making a little helper out of your toddler will help the two bond.

Do not over-emphasize the baby’s importance

A simple way to start a never-ending sibling rivalry is to downplay the importance of the baby. Be sure to explain to your toddler that the baby needs everyone’s help to grow, eat and do everything.

Talk openly about the newborn

Some parents choose to keep the newborn a secret until when it’s born. However, studies reveal that talking about your newborn to your toddler helps prepare their minds and improves bonding.

Spend time together

Spending time together as a family will go a long way towards building the bond between your toddler and the newborn. You can develop family rituals and traditions that the toddler can teach the baby when it grows up.

Stop complaining about the baby

Complaining about sleepless nights caused by the crying baby in front of the toddler sends a bad message. The toddler will start to think that your frustration is the baby’s fault. Strive to speak positively about the baby when the toddler is around.

Just enjoy the moment

Finally, enjoy the gift of a new bundle of joy. Besides, even if you get less sleep, the joy of a newborn baby will last in the hearts of everyone in the family forever.



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