How to encourage children to spend time with their family at Christmas

How to encourage children to spend time with their family at Christmas


This week I went on Radio Nottingham to talk about why we don’t need to spend much on our kids at Christmas. I was all set to share my usual tips when the man who went before made a really good point that hasn’t really occurred to me before. He stated that he believed higher priced toys tend to be less social and don’t encourage your child to be with you or to play with you. I think he made a really good point,technology can be shared but is often a solitary pursuit as is Lego building, iPods DS’s and the like. Even if you do play together the focus is on a screen and it’s not the whole family who are involved.

Now if you buy your child a board game for Christmas you are actually investing time in them, they will need you or their friends to really be involved. The same goes if you buy a football.  We have just taught our 7 year old to play chess and he adores it. He has spent more time with us these last few weeks than he has in months glued to his Dsi thingy. Good old fashioned games aren’t expensive they range from about £4-£15 usually, but they really can bring a family together.

When I think back to time with my granddad we were nearly always playing cards, draughts or scrabble. With my mum I used to play downfall and connect 4. With my Grandma Goddard I played frustration for hours and hours. When you think about the time you spent with your family as a child I’ll bet you were often playing games.Those games were worth 100x what they cost because they bought me hours and hours of time with my family. Stuff technology I am going to buy a few games this Christmas and buy some precious with my kids.

Maybe I’ll find a game we will play for years and years.




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