How to Make a Day Out with a New-born Baby Less Stressful

Today – How to Make a Day Out with a New-born Baby Less Stressful

New-born Baby Less Stressful

How to Make a Day Out with a New-born Baby Less Stressful

For a few months after a baby is born, parents often find themselves feeling a little encumbered – especially when it comes to going out and looking for entertainment. The fact is that the addition of a baby can complicate a day out and cause all kinds of stress. But that needn’t mean that you should stay indoors until the baby is able to walk; with a little bit of planning and preparation, and the right attitude, you’ll be able to tackle all of the same city breaks that you did before the baby came along.

Let’s take a look at some stress-busting tips that’ll allow you to prepare for the day out.

Plan Travel in Advance

While you might have been able to improvise a little bit when you were on your own – but now that there’s another passenger along for the ride, you’ll need to plan every leg of the journey. Memorise all of the relevant details before you set out. Or, better yet, write it all down and set reminders on your phone. If you’re boarding a train travelling to Clapham Junction, it’s best that you know exactly when to arrive, and when you’re due to depart.

Keep weight down

You’re going to be on your feet for large portions of the day, which means that you’ll need some assistance with carrying your baby. You want something that’s as lightweight and easy-to-manage as possible; big bulky pushchairs are likely to be awkward when you’re boarding trains and manoeuvring along crowded pavements.

Plan changes

One thing that you aren’t going to be able to plan for is changing times: they’ll usually occur at the least convenient moment. With the help of the right app, it’s easy to find the right facilities: NCT’s Babychange app should be considered a must for any new parent on the move.

Choose the right places to eat

Unless you’re bringing a packed lunch, you’ll need to stop somewhere to eat. If you’re bringing a baby, then your dining options will be limited: look for somewhere that’s roomy, and friendly for babies. Don’t settle down just anywhere; you might end up irritating your fellow diners, and your baby, too.

Choose the right attractions

Likewise, some attractions are more baby-friendly than others. You’ll want to pick somewhere that’s affordable, so look for discounts for families. You also might need to leave at a moment’s notice, which means shows with fixed start and end times are usually a poor match. Look instead for long leisurely strolls through parks and woodlands – where you’ll be able to find a quiet place to sit down if and when the baby starts crying.

Try not to Worry

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you first set out with your baby in tow, but after a time those feelings will tend to subside. Remember that you’re there to enjoy yourself – so try not to worry too much!

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