Ways to create a personal look in your kitchen on a budget

Today – Ways to create a personal look in your kitchen on a budget


personal look in your kitchen on a budget



Ways to create a personal look in your kitchen on a budget

Home décor and interior design is one area that is perfect for saving money without having to sacrifice style. If you are trying to cut back on your spending but still need to revamp any of the rooms in your home, the good news is that this can be done on a budget. Many people think that creating a stylish and elegant home involves spending large amounts of cash on it – that is not always true.

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of their house and this makes it one room that you may think about giving a makeover. If you think yours is looking a bit tired or needs a fresh approach to interior design, then there are some great ways to go about it while sticking to your budget. The real key is to make the space more personal and welcoming so it feels unique to you. Here are some of the best tips around to create that personal look you want without spending lots of money.


Kitchen window shutters

Kitchen shutters are a great way to give your kitchen an update. They are also great value for money – this is especially true if you opt for DIY shutters which you measure and install yourself. These are often a lot cheaper than standard shutters which someone else would fit for you. Kitchen shutters come in a wide range of styles and materials which makes it simple to create a unique look in your home. Whether you go for full height, café style, wood hybrid or waterproof ones, you are sure to love the inviting look they offer.


Hang a chalkboard

Another great idea to inject some personality into your kitchen is to hang a chalkboard in there. These can be purchased in a variety of sizes so you can easily choose one that fits on any wall space you have free. Chalkboards allow you to write fun messages so you can give your home that unique feel and vibe. They are also very practical as you can leave important notes for kids, your partner or yourself to remember things you have to do. Relatively inexpensive to pick up, they are eye-catching and useful.


Give your tables and chairs a once over

What could be more cost-effective than buying a few tins of paint? When you add in the uniquely personal look that painting your kitchen tables and chairs gives then this is a brilliant tip to use. As you can paint them in any colour or pattern you like, you can be sure that no-one else will have the same in their kitchen. You can also make them feel special to you and your family by painting them in everyone’s favourite colours. If you have children, they will love getting involved with the painting and it will give you a dining set full of happy memories to enjoy as the years go by.

Change the cupboard doors

Most people will have fairly standard cabinet and cupboard doors in their kitchen units. This is perfectly understandable as they are what would have been fitted when the house was built. The problem is that you can bet most of the other houses on your estate were fitted with the same ones. To get a distinctive look to your kitchen, change the doors and install something a bit different. This will not cost a huge amount – it is certainly cheaper than having a whole new kitchen put in! The effect is quite something and will really give your kitchen a new look.


Bring nature inside

One other superb idea to make your kitchen look more personal whilst saving money is to use nature to your advantage. Houseplants and flowers are a good touch and will clean the air for you while also looking attractive. With the sheer variety of plants and flowers you can buy, it is easy to choose a combination that no-one else has. Of course, if a family member has a particular favourite then you can display them to remind you of them. If you really want to do this on a minimum spend, plant some daffodil bulbs to produce flowers to use in spring.


Creating a personal look in your kitchen is easy

When it comes to making your kitchen look more personal without blowing your budget, there are several ways you can go about it. From shutters to chalkboards and beyond, you can easily make your kitchen more unique and show off your own personality without spending lots.


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