20 Weirdest Baby Names (And Their Hidden Meanings)

Today – 20 Weirdest Baby Names (And Their Hidden Meanings)

Weirdest Baby Names of 2019


If you’re expecting a child soon, you’re probably thinking about the baby names.

Selecting a perfect name for your child can be a daunting task. While some parents can come up with their child’s name in advance, others wait until their bundle of joy has arrived before choosing their child’s name.

Some parents prefer traditional names or biblical names, while others like names that are new age and unusual.

Choosing the name for your child is the most significant decision you’ll ever make as it is something they’ll live with for their entire lives. You’ll call them by this name all their life unless you also give them a nickname.

You’ll definitely not want to be amongst the group parents who regret their child’s name because it doesn’t just feel right or because it is too familiar. Also, you probably don’t want your baby’s name to be in the list of the strangest baby names.

Here you’ll find a list of 20 weirdest baby names and their meanings


1.  Cecilia

I know this is a shocker for most people, as many would not think it will make it to the list of weirdest baby names 2019. While this name sounds pretty, its meaning is weird. You’d probably not want to test fate for your baby girl after knowing what this name means –  as it means blind.

2.    Kingmessiah

While any parent would like his child to be a king or a world leader, naming your son Kingmessiah would be a lot for your boy to live up to.

3.   Claudia

Claudia is a female’s name of Latin origin. You might want to avoid this name as it means disabled or lame. It was a common name in ancient Rome for girls born of Nero and Pontius Pilate.

4.  Ginevra

This is a strange name that brings the memories of Ginny from Harry Potter. It is a girl’s name that means white, fair, or soft.

5.  Desdemona

Desdemona was a Shakespearean character who was killed by her husband in Othello. It is a Greek name that means devil, misery, or ill-fated.

6.  Allura

This is a name of British origin meaning Godly Adviser, which is not too bad.

7.  Lola

Lola is a female’s name of Spanish origin, meaning lady of sorrows. The name Lola has in the past been linked with femme fatale such as the 19th-century dancer Lola Montez.

8.   Loralei

Loralei is another pretty-sounding name from Germany. It is derived from Lurlei, meaning “ambush cliff”. The actual meaning of Loralei is she whose singing lures men to destruction.

9.  Danger

The name Danger is among the strangest baby names. Unless you are giving birth to the next Undertaker, I am not sure this is a name you’ll like to give your child.

10.  Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning sparkling. It’s a flower name after the lily-like plants named Amaryllis which used to mean country girl or “simple shepherdess”.

11.   Akuji

Akuji is a name of African origin, meaning  dead & awake.

12.   Khaleesi

While it’s true that this name used to be among the hot baby names, after the shocking Games of Thrones turn, many parents might be regretting ever naming their children Khaleesi.

13.   Lilith

The name Lilith is so close to the pretty-sounding name Lily, and you’d be forgiven to think that it is anything pretty or lovely. However, this Hebrew name means ghost or night monster.

14.   Taylor

This is a popular unisex name, as seen in the once-famous film The Twilight Saga. But what is of concern is the name’s meaning, as it might not be what you’re imagining – it’s both a name and a job title – cloth cutter.

15.   Malvolia

This Shakespeare’s version feminine name means ill will. Not really a good name for a baby.

16.   Rebecca

Although many people hold this woman from the bible at high esteem, this name actually means to tie, snare, or to bind. We bet you didn’t know that.

17.   Zilla

Hmm, this name sounds pretty good. But it’s actual meaning is shade, shadow and gloom.

18.   Kennedy

The name Kennedy was for a long time used as an Irish Surname. However, it was during the 1960s when John F. Kennedy competed for the US presidency that the name became popular. The name Kennedy is derived from Irish name Cenneidigh which means “ugly head.’’

19.   Tristana

Tristina is a Celtic name meaning sad or sorrowful.

20.   Nerezza

Nerezza is an Italian name meaning darkness.

So there you go – the Weirdest Baby Names



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