How to Find the Perfect Blazer


Today – How to Find the Perfect Blazer


How to Find the Perfect Blazer


How to Find the Perfect Blazer

A good quality blazer can dress up any outfit. It can make jeans more sophisticated, party dresses more glamorous, and — with the right fit — can add curves to a boyish figure or make you look five pounds lighter.

If it doesn’t fit properly, however, it has the power to make your whole outfit look rundown. Too big and you’re going to look bulky. Too small, and it will feel like a straitjacket.

How to Fit a Blazer


Very few women can just get a blazer off the rack and it will fit perfectly. Some minor alterations are quite common.

The first thing you should check for is if the shoulder seam hits where your shoulders end. Too close to the neck means too small and if it slopes over the end of your shoulders it means it’s too big.

Shoulder alterations are more complicated and expensive so it’s better if you get one that doesn’t need them.


The sleeves should cover your wrists completely. Stretch out your arms in front of you and make sure the sleeves don’t leave your wrists exposed. If you’re taller and have trouble finding the right length you can always opt for blazers with ¾ sleeve.

The width of the sleeve should also be taken into consideration. For a slim, sleek look, the sleeve should run close to your arm. A wide sleeve may look bunchy, making your upper body look boxy. The difference a slimmer sleeve can make on a blazer’s overall look is often astounding.


This will be easy to tell because you’ll feel it if it’s pulling. If it’s too loose, the extra material will look saggy. A blazer that actually fits your bustline should cover about half of each breast without any wrinkling or bunching. Ideally, it should fit well both buttoned and unbuttoned.


When it comes to blazers for women the waistline should be in the right place, since this detail is very noticeable. Most women wear blazers at work and an oversight such as this can take away from the professional appearance you are going for.

Also, if it wrinkles on the sides and on your back, it means it’s too small and if there’s extra fabric around your waist when you button it, it’s too wide.


Blazers are varied when it comes to the amount and position of buttons. The “stance” is where the highest button closes. If you’re more voluptuous, you’ll notice that when a blazer has a lower stance, it will tend to widen at the chest and you keep having to adjust it, so maybe go for something that buttons higher or has two or more buttons. If you have a smaller bustline you probably won’t have any issues with a lower stance.


Lapels ought to be in line with your figure. Smaller women usually look better with smaller lapels, but bigger ladies can often get away with a broader, more dramatic lapel style. Lapel size changes with the various trends, with the latest one showing a preference towards a smaller, sleeker design.



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