My School Run Style with Amazon Fashion

My school run style

school run style

I shop online a lot, particularly when it comes to Back to School. The thought of dragging my kids around loads of shops, when we have precious school holiday time left, ooh I can’t bear it. So I sit at my lap top with a big mug of tea and my feet up, whilst they are otherwise occupied, and order in what we need.

I tend to order my own clothes online rather a lot too. There are several reasons for this, but perhaps TIME is the main factor. It is just so much quicker.

September always feels a bit like a new start for me and is often the time I will treat myself to a few new items too. Usually  I pick things that are perfect for the school run and my busy but casual work at home blogging life.

Over at Amazon Fashion I can pick up some lovely items, perfect for the school run (and any other occasion I could think of really.) Visiting Amazon Fashion is like visiting the biggest department store, there is something for every taste and every budget and a range of designers. Such a good way to search  rather than visiting many shops. If you typed in ‘brown shoulder bag’ for example you would be presented with a huge array of choices and almost certainly find something in the style you wanted.  This saves you hours and showcases you items you would probably never have stumbled upon searching on your own, via google listings or by individual stores.


What’s your School Run Style?

I’d love to know do drop me a comment and tell me what you wear on the school run


school run style is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on how to find the perfect blazer


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