What are pregnancy necklaces?

What are pregnancy necklaces?

What are pregnancy necklaces? – and what do they do

But what are pregnancy necklaces? I wondered as I received the beautiful gift of a bola?

I was given the most beautiful ball necklace when I was pregnant and I was enchanted to when I found out what it was for. I was asked about it all the time. So much so I promised to write about it one day and then, as they do,  the years slipped by.

This week I have been looking at a range of stunning bolas at Le Petit Bola They sell the most beautiful pregnancy necklaces and it struck me again how many people had asked me …what are pregnancy necklaces, what do they do?

So I guess it is time to explain.


What are pregnancy necklaces?

A ‘bola’ or ‘harmony ball‘ can be found in many cultures right across the world and these have been around since ancient times. They are beginning to gain popularity here due to our understanding of how much our babies, even inside of us, an actually feel and hear. Do you know a baby begins to hear at about 26 weeks of pregnancy?

One school of thought is that babies will hear these lovely chines from the bola whilst in their mother’s tummy and after birth, these sweet familiar chimes will again soother them. 

Other thoughts  on the use of the bola are more mystical;

A gentle shake of this pendant releases a soft chime sound that brings inner calm and harmony, and is believed to call the wearer’s Guardian Angel.

I have to say I think both ideas are just absolutely gorgeous!

Plus a bola is just so very pretty isn’t it! Such a beautiful idea for a pregnancy gift.

I found my bola actually calmed me down and encouraged me to slow the pace when I was pregnant due to the soft chimes and the visual reminder.

Bolas come in a range of styles

So, not only do they not only look beautiful they are designed to enhance your bond with your baby – nothing could be quite so precious.

I have kept my harmony ball to pass to my daughter if she one day will carry a child

After looking at all these glorious necklaces however I am quite sure she will want to choose her own. Mine will stay in my treasure box, for now, carrying within in precious memories of my babies safely house inside me and the bells chiming my love for them,

All the bolas pictured can be found at le petit bola and can be customised with initials if you choose. They have a lovely selection – all made in their own studios. Do pop and have a look.


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