The Benefits of Flowers

Let’s take a look today at the benefits of flowers

the benefits of flowers, benefits of flowers

Extolling the Benefits of Flowers

The benefits of flowrs are insdisputable, From being a source of inspiration for artists and creative thinkers to adding that ‘wow’ element to any space they’re in, flowers are much more than what they seem – there are so many benefits of flowers.  You may find this surprising, but having flowers around you can actually improve your quality of life, and make you feel loads better in so many ways.

Sounds interesting? Well, it’s about to get better. Read on to discover the many benefits of flowers, and how adding them to your space can take things up a notch!

Air Freshener

This one’s an absolute no-brainer. Flowers, apart from imparting a natural fragrance when they are in full bloom, also help remove toxins from the air. So whether your space needs some freshening up or you feel like the air quality in your home could be better, flowers are the way to get them both done! Time to get started with gardening folks!


Aesthetic Appeal and the benefits of flowers

Thanks to their bright colours, attractiveness and interesting shapes and sizes, flowers can literally lift up the vibe of a dull and drab space. So whether you’re actually interested in gardening or are just looking to add a touch of freshness to your home, fresh flowers are just perfect- they tick all the boxes!


Better Memory & Concentration

As interesting as it may sound, it is actually true! Having certain flowers around you when you studying or are working on a task, can help improve your concentration levels and boost your ability to recall and remember important things. In fact, there’s a 2015 study done to back up this fact as well.


Stress Buster

What? Yes, you read that right. Flowers can actually prove to be a modestly effective stress buster as well. The benefits of flowers contune to amaze me!  That explains a lot how a bunch of fresh flowers can instantly lift your mood and make you feel better when you’re down. In fact, that’s also possibly why you buy those get well soon flowers for someone who’s sick. Several studies have also shown how the scents from certain flowers, in particular, can help reduce stress levels.


Better Sleep is another one of the benefits of flowers

This may sound too good to be true, but honestly, it is not. The fragrance of some flowers (especially lavender), can also help promote sleep, which makes it perfect for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related issues. The fragrance from these flowers can significantly lower blood pressure levels and heart rate, both of which can help you get into a more relaxed state of mind and body, which can, in turn, help you drift off to sleep more easily.


Pest Repellent

Certain flowers, especially marigolds, also act as wonderful natural pest repellents, which is why they are also often used in organic gardening. If you’re a gardener, you probably already know that planting these around the edges of your main garden can help keep the pests away and you’ll have a well-protected garden.

Reduced Anxiety

Being in touch with nature has been found to be an exceptionally effective way to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and that’s exactly why having flowers around you can help you experience just that. A study conducted in 2008 also found that patients in hospitals who had flowers in their rooms felt less anxious and reported lower levels of stress than those who didn’t have flowers around them. These patients were also more positive about their recovery and healing process.


Other aspects to the benefits of flowers

Apart from these majors impacts that flowers have on your well-being, there are certain other additional benefits that you can reap by having more of them around.

  • When used on the skin, extracts from the lavender flowers can help reduce the occurrence of acne.
  • The extracts from echinacea flowers can help boost your immune system and improve your body’s resistance against cold, cough and other seasonal health issues.
  • Rose extracts, being rich in vitamin C and packed with anti-inflammatory properties, are again, great for complaints like a cough and cold.
  • The viola flower has been found to be effective in treating fever naturally. Some experts believe it can also help cure snake bites.
  • Extracts from the chamomile flower are believed to reduce anxiety and stress, curb headaches and also tackle indigestion, stomach cramps and other digestive system complaints.
  • Magnolia flowers and their extracts are powerfully effective in clearing nasal congestion and relieving sinus headaches.
  • Extracts from the evening primrose flowers have been found to help balance hormones and also reduce the risk of depression.
  • The Lonicera flower has been in use since centuries for the treatment of swine flu, and in recent years, it has also been found effective in curing sore throat naturally.


So now you know that having more of flowers around you is good, in not just one, but many aspects. But how exactly do you do that, and get more of them around you?

benefits of flowers

How to bring the benefits of flowers to your garden

A good place to start would be to start growing them in your garden, and if you’re wondering just how to get started with that, keep reading, because we’ve got you covered there as well-  follow the simple and quick tips to do it right.

  • Locate the spots in your garden where the planting conditions are ideal- a sunny spot that has good quality soil should work just fine.
  • Start with perennial plants. Annual plants are reasonably easy to care, but you’ll need to plant them every year.
  • It makes sense to buy the plants themselves from your local nursery instead of starting from seed, especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Remember to de-weed your garden often, since the weeds tend to take up a lot of nutrients from the soil, and leave less for your flowers!
  • If you’re not so sure about your gardening skills, and fear you possibly won’t be able to give in as much care and time to your flower garden as it would need, don’t back out just yet- you can consider getting started with flowering plants like marigolds, zinnia, sunflowers, pansies and begonias. These are super easy to care for, and once you watch them bloom, you’ll find yourself falling in love with gardening!


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