What’s My Child Thinking – a book that unravels the mystery!

What's My Child Thinking


What’s My Child Thinking is a book about practical child psychology for modern parents. It is written by renowned parenting author Tanith Carey (Mum Hacks) with input from clinical psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin. The book is an absolute treasure trove of useful and insightful information.

It talks you through over 100 everyday situations and occurrences with your 2-7-year-olds. where you might wonder what they are thinking and may be unsure how best to respond.

This book is beautifully presented. Over every 2 page spread you are given a scenario,  followed by what your child might say, what you might think and then what they are actually thinking. This is both enlightening and helpful.  Finally, there is a section on how to respond to each scenario with prompts for supportive action you, as a parent, can take, in both the short and long term.

Here are a couple of examples:


What's My Child Thinking


The book encourages us to empathise with what our child is experiencing and thus reduce everyone’s frustrations. It also offers practical guidance that helps both parents and child have their needs met. It deals with issues such as shyness, wetting the bed, tantrums and almost every issue you could think of. The perfect book to dip into as and when something arises

I could so have done with this when my children were little.

I would sometimes, inadvertently and unfairly, assume my kids were being needy, pre-occupied, clingy and whiny and feel frustrated with them and unsure how to respond. With the aid of this book, I would instead have more understanding of their behaviours in relation to their age and stage. I would also have much more positive ways of responding to things they said and did.

Oh, how I needed this book!

What’s My Child Thinking is going to a VERY useful resource to parents and make life of so much easier for young children.



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