What to do on Earth Day {April 22nd}

What to do on Earth Day

What to do on Earth Day

What to do on Earth Day

Earth day is quickly approaching on April 22nd, as I am sure you know – but do you know what to do on Earth Day?

Practising environmental awareness is important to your everyday life, and even more important on this special day.  However, there are plenty of things you can do for this day to help mother earth and lighten your eco-footprint. Today, I’m going to be giving you some great tips for going green for Earth Day and others days of your life.


Give to others instead of throwing things away

If you find yourself getting rid of something that someone else could get use out of, find a way to get it to someone in need. Whether that’s donating your clothes and shoes to goodwill or things to a friend in need it reduces throwing away useful items. This avoids filling landfill, reduces the need for more manufacturing and decreases the pressures on landfill.  It also g creates a lovely cycle of giving and cherishing and this can only make the world a more lovely place.

Giving is a beautiful thing,

What to do on earth day: Recycle, recycle, recycle

Recycling can reduce so much trash in a home, and involve everyone in the family. There are plenty of things that can be recycled. Electronics, cardboard, glass, soda cans, and more can all be recycled. Often there are plenty of places near you. If you are interested in recycling I have a lovely post on how to upcycle boats, how to upcycle cots and how to upcycle an old wicker basket or even upcycling your old spoons. There are just so many possibilities. It is great fun to get creative and recycle – it will also help you be more mindful and imaginative as well as being good for the Earth.



Try composting

Especially if you dabble in gardening, composting can be a really simple way to reduce your waste. If you don’t garden, I’m sure a farmer or gardener nearby would appreciate the compost! That way you can still compost if you don’t need the soil. This also prolongs the life of the food you have bought and avoids waste.


Replace paper towels in the kitchen

Paper towels add to the huge amount of wasted paper in landfills and trash. However, there are so many more useful alternatives that can last longer. Sponges, dish towels, and other items can clean just as well and are easy to disinfect for more use. They can, of course, be re-used too and this is so important!


Use more natural cleaners

Chemical waste can be dangerous for the land and for your community if not disposed of properly. Cleaning with natural options has been used for centuries and can often work better if you know what natural option works for your cleaning needs. Why not try and make your own DIY reed diffuser

Using natural claeaners and air freshners is not only better for the environment it also gives youc omplete control over the scents in your home and this is rather lovely!


Plant or get some plants if you are looking for what to do on Earth Day

Planting trees or other plants can help a lot to reduce the carbon in your community’s atmosphere and add more oxygen. If you can’t plant more outside, try to get some plants for your home to help on a smaller scale. Seed bombing is a wonderful thing to do too! Take a look at Create Your Own Happy my book filled to the brim with happiness-boosting activities for kids.  It helps see how taking care of their world will bring them so much personal joy as well, of course. Have a look at this lovely bespoke flower card I made – flowers and plants have just so many other uses! If you want your plants to look their post you may also fancy a go at upcycling a terracotta pot


What to do on Earth Day


Help clean up

Help your community and its ecosystem by cleaning up litter in your town. This can be something the whole family can do and can be a great community service. Such a lovely way for everyone to come together and take care of their community if you don’t find an organised event perhaps it is something you could organise yourself?

Teach your kids and involve them in litter picking, show them how much fun it is to get involved in community events and how lovely it is to cherish their community with such a simple act as littler picking

Teach your children about the importance of helping the Earth and being eco-friendly in your daily lives. You can also involve them in a lot of these tips and activities. It helps instil good habits in them that they can grow up with and continue.


Use less energy

The ways to limit your energy use at home are limitless. There are so many ways to reduce energy. You can use natural lighting more, reduce appliances that do things you can do, cook multiple things in one pot, and much more. Most of the things you can do to save energy are common sense and simple, slipping on a vest or n extra jumper is not complicated just a teeny but effortful. Our Earth has to be worth that effort!


If you’ve already done some of these things, or do them quite regularly, you’re doing well! Hopefully, everyone, already environmentally conscious or not, can find some tips on this list to increase your green habits in life. Don’t forget Earth Day is on April 22nd! Best wishes on going greener this Earth Day and hopefully many more days to come.



Over to you

Now we have a explore what to do on Earth day I would really love it if you shared some of your ideas too. After all, at the heart of Earth day is sharing and community and nurturing and I have to say I think they are just the loveliest of qualities.

Happy Earth Day everybody,  may it be filled with care and compassion and creativity.



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