7 Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Green

Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Green


Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Green

Are you looking for ways to encourage your child to be more green?

There’s an old proverb that says that the earth wasn’t given to us by our ancestors, it was loaned to us by our children. From reducing water wastage to recycling and reusing, there are so many ways you can get started with to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. And guess what, you can also get your little one to understand and implement it!

Here are 7 ways to do just that and encourage your child to be more green.


Respect Nature

The simplest way to help your kid to  get started is to encourage them to respect nature and learn to safeguard it. Talk about the different types of pollution and how deforestation and excess waste is harming the environment. Ask them what they think they could do to help. Encourage them to set up bird feeders in the garden or get gardening in the backyard!


Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Green


Recycling is one of the most crucial parts of adopting a green living lifestyle. Most cities and towns have recycling programs that you could enroll in (and get your little one too). Practise recycling at home too. Another cool idea is to get your hands on a couple of books that talk about recycling for kids, and make them a part of your kid’s bedtime reading routine.


Reduce Waste

Reducing waste and sorting it out sensibly is the need of the time, and that’s what you can get your little one on board with too! Get themto sort the trash everyday and separate the recyclable items from the others. When they are able to observe the amount of trash first hand, they’ll automatically be more conscious about it. If you’ve got a garden, you can also try compositing and help them  learn how to put certain wastes to good use!


Shop Smart

A lot of us tend to ignore this one, but shopping locally and choosing the right products can actually make a huge difference in reducing our carbon footprint and keeping the environment happy. Sit down with your little one and get them to understand why shopping for items that are sourced and produced locally, or reusing items or even purchasing pre-used items is the way to go!


Conserve Water

Conservation of water is actually one of the easiest ways to adopt an environment friendly lifestyle, especially for kids. All it takes is being mindful and using water carefully and remembering to turn off the taps when not in use. A good way to take this up a notch is to get your kid to harvest rainwater too! This water can then be used for gardening and washing!


Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Green


Save Energy

With all the technology we’re surrounded with, this one’s probably one of the most important steps we need to take, and need to get our children to learn too. Using energy mindfully by turning off the switches when not in use, and unplugging devices from the sockets can really help. Get your child to understand why it is important to do this, and  you can even appoint them ‘plug police’ and get them to make sure all of that is done.


Grow Green

And last, but definitely not the least, you can teach your kid to ‘go green’ by starting his very own garden and growing their own plants. Start with some simple herbs or veggies and get them to garden on a small patch or even in containers if you don’t have a gardening space available. Gardening is known to be therapeutic, and is also an excellent way to get your kid to be more in touch with nature.


Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Green


So there you go some fabulous ways to encourage your child to be more green.


Do take a loook at my book Create Your Own Happy for lots more  ideas for kids on how they can make the world happier and greener!

Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Green, Becky Goddard


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