Science for Kids: Science X Simulating Nature

I am great at doing art and crafts with my kids. We read a huge amount and I encourage them to write. Maths we do as part of every day life.

Science I’m a bit rubbish at encouraging. It has never been my thing and I am not quite sure how to pass it on.I needed some help!

I was delighted we were asked to review Science X Simulating Nature by Ravensburger. It contains 15 science experiments based on the principles of bionics

What are bionics I hear you cry …??

Bionics is the borrowing of principles from nature to develop new technologies and products. The term “bionics” is made up of the words biology and electronics. When developing new products or solutions to problems, bionic scientists first seek out a model in nature.

so these science experiments look at amazing nature to discover technological principle.(yest actually they just seem like fun experiments )

The set contains really cool activities like:

  • Discovering  how wind and differences in pressure combine to move objects
  • Testing  how dark colour absorbs and light colour reflect heat like the polar bear’s skin and fur
  • Seeing  how the unique structure of a fish tail moves towards pressure instead of away from it

It is geared towards children aged 8+ and even then I think some adult supervision and support is required. But you know what that’s fine as it is a really a fun activity together and I learned a few things too!

The set contains most of what you need to do each experiment just a few day to day objects may be required too,  We are going to make some self cleaning plants today…well to get them planted and  in about 3 weeks we will be able to discover how they work. Howe exciting.

Science can indeed be fun !

If you have younger children whose interest in science you are keen to encourage check  out the amazing Science Sparks blog


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  1. April 5, 2013 / 7:04 am

    Becky both my children love science. I am not sure my youngest would get it but he would certainly be amazed. In the shops there are only one of two types of science kits so maybe this is the next thing I buy for them science wise.
    Naomi recently posted..Putting Fear into PerspectiveMy Profile

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