Reasons to love the NCT

Today – Reasons to love the NCT

The NCT (national childbirth trust) is the UK’s leading charity for parents. It has so much going for it that mums and dads just can’t afford to  ignore it .

The NCT  offers antenatal classes which provide a chance to make local friends whilst  learn a thing or too about what is going to happen to you!

Reasons to love the NCT

Reasons to love the NCT

It runs a Pregnancy & Birth Line – 0300 330 3772 ( Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm)
where you can call up if you have questions about issues relating to your pregnancy or birth, or if you want to chat about your experiences with a fully qualified antenatal teacher.

It runs a breastfeeding helpline  0300 330 0771      8am–10pm, seven days a week
where you can talk to a qualified breastfeeding counsellor for information and support to help you breastfeed successfully

It campaigns to improve maternity care and services for parents.

It runs postnatal groups where you and your baby can get together with other babies.

It runs sales all over the country where you can sell on your used baby ‘stuff’ and make some much needed money and where you can  buy nearly new ‘baby stuff’ at wonderfully reduced prices.

Well today I have found yet another great aspect to the NCT the NCT store. It has some fab items such as  Baby Cribs

I love that you can rent these as well as buy  a green, budgeting option for an item with short usage time . Inspired! (Whilst we are discussing sleep here are a few sleeping tips from the NHS to help you on your way!)

The store sell all sorts of things you would need with a little one even Maternity Nightwear  which you can purchase online or even add to a gift registry. I like the registry idea as it stops you receiving 50 baby grows when you are having a baby and means you get what you really need instead. this can save a lot of potentially wasted money.

It’s a great store.

The NCT is pretty fab overall don’t you think? Ther are lots of reasons to love the NCT



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