Dreaming of the Perfect Pram

When I was pregnant with both my children I would lie uncomfortably  in my bed too hot and restless to sleep and I would  dream about the perfect pram.

I wanted it to look fabulous so I could show off my baby but also be super comfortable for my little angel. It was like that dream you have about your first car. Mine HAD to be shiny and red..the car not the pram

With my son I would have loved one of the big old fashioned prams with their huge wheels and I often fantasised about having one of these. No way would it fit in my tiny (red and shiny) car or get on the bus but oh how lovely to have one.  I ended up with a very sensible and stylish dark grey travel system and  I loved it actually…so practical and looked classic too.

Bugaboo Prams were high on my list of gorgeous prams that I would have liked for my daughter. We made do with her brothers hand me down but I looked on lingeringly. My friend had a beige coloured one that was so cute and it just looked so bouncy and comfy too. I certainly had pram envy!

Maclaren Pushchairs were all anyone talked about as the next step from the pram and I could really understand why. They were robust and practical they looked stylish and did the job perfectly. I bought a really cheap pushchair first and it was like pushing a very dodgy shopping trolley it didn’t turn properly and  it didn’t hold my shopping and it really annoyed me!

Oh there are lots of lovely prams and pushchairs to look at over at Baby and Co they still make me drool!

Mumsnet have a great guide to buying a pram and explain all the different types you can get, wish I had read this in the past as I was totally befuddled by all the terminology.

Did you or do you dream about prams ?




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