How to make a garden child friendly

Today – How to make a garden child friendly

How to make a garden child friendly

How to make a garden child friendly – simple tips

I have been pondering how to make a garden child friendly this week

It is so lovely to have a garden isn’t it – such a privilege and a pleasure.

When I was a child we had a small concrete backyard with a teeny tiny bit of garden that my mum took huge pride in. She also had hanging baskets that she took great care of and filled with colourful petunias. her window sills were full of fuchsias and geraniums and she absolutely made the best of what we had. I remember our little space so fondly. You really should take care and make the best of what you have – that is a lesson she modelled to me so well.

My children are extremely fortunate- they have a ling, lawned garden and a shed to keep their outdoor toys. I’m afraid it’s looking a bit (okay a whole lot) worse for wear after this long and chilly winter. Now Spring is fast approaching I am looking out the window and thinking to myself blimey, we need to sort the garden out.


Sorting out our garden

I am time short and inexperienced at gardening so it may well be worth getting a gardener to come and do a days work to get us back to a good baseline. I am fine with maintenance generally but really so much needs doing a feel a bit overwhelmed!

I do think investing in your garden and garden upkeep is worthwhile because it can actually provide hours and hours of entertainment for kids and save you hugely in funding trips out as a result.


Tips on how to make a garden child-friendly

When looking to get some garden quotes

I need to first think about the things that I want doing in the garden most and how best it could be gotten child-friendly and ready for summer. Her is a shortlist of my priorities

  1. The fencing needs securing around the garden This just requires shifting and tying up a few panels really.
  2. The weeds need taking up – we have some bindweed that is choking our plants a little
  3. The rose bushes need  sorting /possibly moving as I worry about the kids getting pricked when they play ball or hide and seek
  4. Ditto the holly bush – it’s a bit dangerous!
  5. Our lawn is not straight and it’s tricky for the kids to play badminton or footie and I think we got a bit zealous with our planting. I would really like to take some plants out and give the kid back more lawn.
  6. We have lots of broken things in the garden that need tipping and these include broken pots, an old bike, a broken bench, not only do they look ugly but they get int he children s way when the are playing
  7. We also need to fill in our pond or cover it, a grid might be a really good idea but we do need to do something to keep it safe.
  8. We need to clear nettle too as we seem to have a crop of these growing.
  9. Take a look at these top seeds to grow with kids


So I do hope you have taken something useful from my post on how to make a garden child friendly.

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    Hello Becky , Your tips for child friendly garden is very helpful and important. You provide very essential for us. It is very helpful post. Child friendly garden help our child’s growth. Thank you for sharing.
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