How to have a stress free house move with kids

Today – How to have a stress free house move with kids

How to have a stress free house move with kids

How to have a stress-free house move with kids – 6 fabulous tips

Are you wondering how to have a stress free house move with kids? Well, it really is possible if you just do a little planning. Here are my moving house  hacks that will take the stress away


  1. Try and get a baby sitter – yep even if your kids are over 5 and could move a box or two. You will only have to think about them, feed them and entertain them if they are around. They will get bored and may well get in the way. It is probably better for ALL your sakes to find them a place to go during the move. This really could lessen the stress hugely. A school day might be a great day to move with playdates and pickups arranged for the evening.
  2.  Not all removal companies are as reliable or experienced as each other.  Recommendations are really helpful when it comes to booking a removals company as are good reviews. You need someone really trustworthy. The very last thing you want with kids around is additional stress.
  3. If you cannot get a baby sitter or really do want your kids to be involved and part of the move then you have to think about the day as a whole. Personally, I would prepare their food in advance and put in it in a cool box. That way you will not have to worry about feeding them even when the fridge. I would also get a battery charger for your iPad or phone and load up a film for the boring bits. Entertained and well fed kids are always better behaved!
  4. Manage your own stress as well as you can and if you can’t then fake it! Children really do take their cues from us and if we are stressy and bad-tempered, snippy and edgy they absolutely will be too. Being superbly prepared will help you feel calm and a clear list of things to do will add to that sense of control that works wonders to reduce stress. Talk slowly and smile a lot and kids will instantly feel more relaxed and actually, in the process, you will slow your own heartbeat down too and feel calmer.
  5. Kids love to have jobs to do and to feel involved and necessary to a process. They are FAR less likely to play up if you give them a specific task to perform. For younger children, you could ask them to decorate a packing box and set them up with crayons and a random cardboard box. You could tell them you want it to look lovely for your new home.  Older children can be tasked with labelling, sweeping, helping move light boxes and so forth. There is far less likely to be in any stress if children are not left to their own devices.
  6. Do have a break in it all and take the kids out for fresh air and to run off steam at your local park. This will clear the cobwebs and release any tension and kids definitely do need to run off their energy.

I  do hope these tips help you have a stress-free house move with kids.


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How to have a stress free house move with kids


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