Home Improvements to Save Money

Today – home improvements to save money

Home Improvements to Save Money

Home Improvements to Save Money

As a committed budgeter when I think about my dream home improvements they are always home improvement to save money. Of course, I want my home to look gorgeous and totally work as space for us to live in too. But right up there with my priorities, I want any home improvements that we undertake to also have the dual purpose of helping our home run efficiently and increasing the value of our home when it comes to resale.

I really want a lot from my home improvements, don’t I! Here are the 3 home improvements I would want to make first.



One of the very first things I would want to improve in our house is our draughty, single glazed windows. They let in the cold and they are ineffective at keeping out the noise too. Not great for energy efficiency as I have to crank up the heating in winter well into Spring and even then it’s chilly. I have been known to sit at my desk in a woolly hat!   By installing double glazed, eco-friendly Three Counties Windows we would significantly reduce our energy bills, improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. That is just brilliant for us now but also as a selling point, it makes our home attractive and more valuable.


Loft conversion

We live in an area that is in high demand for property. We have a large garden, our house is attractive and we live in a safe suburban area just 10-minute drive from a vibrant and cultured city,  The two local comprehensive schools are rated outstanding by Ofsted and families clamour to live here. We have two football clubs, a world famous cricket ground and huge national watersports centre nearby. Our house should sell easily and well. But..our third p bedroom is absolutely teeny tiny.  This could put families off buying it.  It is also not really okay AT ALL for my 11-year-old who wants sleepovers, a private space to relax and chill out and room to study too. A loft conversion would add so much to our home currently and be of such a huge benefit to us.  It would also be a massive selling point as space is so important when you come to property sales and it would definitely widen our appeal.


Dropping the kerb

Dropping the kerb in front of our house and damaging the front lawn would provide off road parking for 2 vehicles. This would be so very attractive as parking is at a premium. Having an extra vehicle off road would be amazing. Whilst we would need to contact the council for planning permission we can use an approved contractor of our choice. This would absolutely increase our house value in the long run. In the short term, I think it would definitely keep my OH from moaning so much as no one could park outside our house and take his space ever again!

So these are my 3 home improvements to save money I would want to implement first. As well as saving money they would also help us make money and oh, they really would make our lives easier!


Home Improvements to Save Money

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