A priority list for renovating a home

Today – A priority list for renovating a home

Have you ever had to make a priority list for renovating a home? Budgets are never endless, not even for the really rich and prioritising is something we all have to do. Where would you start?

Would you ever consider moving into an old house and doing it up?

I would absolutely love to move into a pretty run down house and renovate it. My kids are not tiny any more and as long as their space and the kitchen were prioritised I think they could probably cope with it. What a creative endeavour and excellent investment opportunity it would be.

I know my OH would be up for this too and it would be a great project for us to work on together.

Where would we start with a priority list for renovating a home?


A priority list for renovating a home

A priority list for renovating a home

So these are the things I would want to tackle first so that I could then move in and tackle the rest!



In terms of safety, I think we would have to be sure the house was electrically sound before anything else at all. Despite his love of youtube tutorials for DIY, this is something I would insist we called the professionals in for!



Damp can be so unhealthy and needs, as electrics to be tackled before you even move in. Sometimes you can DIY  but if it’s really bad we would need to get the experts in.



With a family, security is everything, isn’t it? I would want to know windows and doors were secure and safe, not about to slam down on little hands or for us to be easily burgled!



I get very nervous about roofs on old house and imagine tiles falling on peoples heads and structures caving in! I would want roofs checking and securing thoroughly before we even stepped foot in the door!


Central heating

I think when you have a family spread out across a house it is really important that central heating systems are in place and working well. Central heating has so many perks l not only does it make the who house feel warm and cosy – but it is also a real plus when it comes to drying clothes and for helping fry out them walls! I would definitely put it on a priority list for renovating a home


A priority list for renovating a home

What can wait a while

The garden can definitely wait. Painting and decorating can be done slowly over time. Flooring can be changed as and when funds allow. The kitchen (as long as it’s functional and hygienic) can also wait. You absolutely do not need to be doing extensions and the like either – not straight away anyway.

The thought of buying and renovating a home is something I would absolutely love to do – but it would need to be strategic and really well thought out and I would definitely have to prioritise.

Have you ever renovated a house.. if so, what did you tackle first?

I do hope you have found my post  A priority list for renovating a home to be useful


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