How to increase house value on a budget

How to increase house value on a budget


How to increase house value on a budget


How to increase house value on a budget – top tips

Are you wondering how to increase house value on a budget?

Buying a home is one of the most expensive assets you may invest in within your lifetime. Many want to improve their home so it matches their taste and personality. However, these days buying new suites for a room such as a Kitchen can start at £10,000 and continue upwards. This blog, with input from The Property Buying Company, will delve into ways you can improve your home on a small budget.


How to increase house value on a budget with Kerb Appeal

A good starting place is the exterior of your home. Whether you are wanting to boost the value of your home to show off to friends or to sell your home, arguably the outside of your home is just as important as the interior. First impressions count and the outside of your property is the first thing that anyone will see.

To begin increasing the value of your home, you need to become at one with nature. Dust off the gardening gloves and get cracking. You may have dreaded de-weeding before; however, it is a great place to start. De-weeding your flower beds and through cracks in patios can change your kerb appeal from being untidy to tidy in an instant.

Another way to improve your exterior is by neatening any grass and hedging areas. Cutting hedges and grass can make your garden areas seem spacious and create a tidy appearance.


How to increase house value on a budget

Rooms at the Heart of Your Home

Maximising key areas such as the kitchen, living room or any bathrooms in your home is pivotal to adding value to your home. These rooms can also seem the most daunting parts of a home to develop due to the assumed price tag that goes with them. However, there are many different ways to give these rooms a fresh look on a budget.

Changing the smallest aspects can generate a real difference. Let’s start with the living room, a lick of paint always goes a long way to giving your home a fresh and modern look. If you don’t have the time to paint all of your walls, you could start by sanding and re-glossing internal parts of your home such as doors, skirting boards and banisters.

In the kitchen or bathroom, instead of chipping and re-tiling these areas, why not re-grout to show off the cleanliness of your home. On cupboards, you could replace handles on any of the doors to spruce up the room.


Lighting is an easy way to increase house value on a budget

Lighting within a house is key to creating the correct ambience in your home. Having a bright house can increase the appeal of any home. A great way to save money in your home is by replacing your current light bulbs with LED lights. LED lights overall make any home feel warmer and brighter whilst being cost-effective. The initial cost can be expensive, however, over time these bulbs will bring down the price of your energy bill. Also, these bulbs can make a room feel more lived-in and spacious.


Fix It Up

Anyone can think of that one area in their home that they know needs fixing but either dread, or haven’t got round to it. Whether it’s a plug that doesn’t work anymore or a flush on a toilet that has stopped, get fixing. A lot of small issues can be fixed yourself; many companies have DIY clips on their YouTube pages to help you. Take advantage of this and borrow some tools from a neighbour. Certain things will be easy fixes such as replacing a light bulb.

If you have any holes that need filling, Polyfilla is the product for you. It is a paste that easily fixes small holes cracks and defects in your wood, plastering or drywall. The best bit about it is you can get it from your local DIY store for less than a fiver. Fixing up small areas perceives a well-maintained appearance to any visitors you may have.


Decorate to increase house value on a budget

Investing in a few buckets of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your interior. If you decide painting in your home is the way forward, try to select colours to form a neutral palette. Choosing lighter colours over darker will stop your room from becoming out-dated, make the room inviting and spacious.

If you decide to wallpaper, choose a design that is low-key and not too ‘in your face’. Wallpaper on accent walls rather than a full room as by doing so will allow the room to blend in with the rest of your home.


So now you know how to increase house value on a budget – just a matter of doing it!


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