The mutual benefits of a blogger brand relationship

The mutual benefits of a blogger brand relationship

The benefits of a blogger brand relationship

Oh there are so many benefits of a blogger brand relationship – people often cite the difficulties but actually I think it is more usually a brilliant match on both sides!

A young person’s game?

Whe  I tell people that I am a blogger and then that I make my living as a blogger they are always interested. It is still an unusual job and 10 years after I started people are still rather confused and perplexed by it. The fact I am in my late forties adds to the intrigue…people often assume it is a ‘young persons thing’  and wonder what on earth I am doing. They hate to ask me how I make a living blogging when I explain it is my job ,but eventually , somehow, the question does get asked. ‘So how on earth do you make money blogging?’


How do you earn money blogging?

I think the main reason people want to know how on earth you can earn money blogging is because it looks like you get a lot of freebies and if this is the case why on earth would you be paid too? And if you are paid, then what are you being paid for?

There are many ways to earn money blogging actually.

Brands will pay to have a link inserted in a post you write, or sometimes they will actually provide you with a post they have written themselves with a link inserted already return for a fee.

Link Building benefits brands in a variety of ways. Getting a brand featured in the right places can drive traffic and build awareness of a brand, it also helps with search rankings and visibility generally. Interaces like Get Blogged link brands and bloggers together effortlessly.

Bloggers are usually not celebrities but being a Micro Blogger is powerful too and they do impact and encourage people to buy/use/purchase by promoting products across their social media.  This is why brands love to work with them.

And for bloggers who usually have a niche, an audience who trust them and enjoy what they write about working with brands who FIT their profile is a great way of enhancing their interest and image and engaging their audience. With a good blogger /brand fit everyone wins.

Other ways to make money blogging

Other ways to make money blogging include sidebar adverts, affiliate linking, blogging for brands own websites and using blogging as a springboard platform. Many bloggers (myself included) have gone on to write books as a result of blogging and making a name for ourselves that way.


Why do you blog?

Another reason I think that people are so bemused by my job is due to the fact I have always been a very academic person. I have 3 degrees ( yep I know – sound like a band) I have a degree in American literature, a Masters in Social Work and a Post Grad in Psychotherapy. It makes s many people wonder what I get from blogging and can I possibly earn enough?

Well let’s answer these questions:

Yes, you can definitely earn well as a blogger, it takes hard and smart graft, time and commitment but it really is possible. I have a fair few blogging friends who make over 40k a year – some a lot more than that. It really is possible for it to be afull time and a lucrative job.

The reason I do it?  Aw, I just love blogging,I love to write and could happily write all day every day – and I do!

The main reason I love blogging though is not the writing, and it is not the money. It is not being able to work with a myriad of awesome brands. What I love most about blogging is the flexibility it brings to my life. I am able to work from anywhere as long as I have wifi. This is great!

I am also able to work at any time which enables me to have a lot of time with my kids. I usually get up around 6 am each day in order to be able to take them to school and collect them and attend the various events having kids brings. In the school holidays, I have never needed to use childcare I just work early mornings/late evenings where I need too.

This flexibility has been so precious, the time I have had raising my kids irreplaceable.

I also love the varied experiences blogging brings.


benefits of a blogger brand relationship

The perks of being a blogger

I love to create and blogging enables me to cook, craft, design and play, all in the name of blogging. Blogging has given me some amazing experiences too, I have travelled extensively at home and abroad staying at some amazing venues. I have renovated my house through blogging and I have even had my eyes operated on to give me 20:20 vision – all in the name of blogging. I have interviewed celebrities like Bear Grylls and Sophie Robinson, I have met a whole community of awesome other bloggers, I have had tea at the Ritz, I have won awards, I have attended awesome conferences and I have created products.

Blogging has been epic. It is a wonderful way for brands to showcase their goods and services but oh! so many perks for bloggers too. So many benefits of a blogger brand relationship


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