A Christmas Gift Guide for New Parents 

Today – A Christmas Gift Guide for New Parents

A Christmas Gift Guide for New Parents


A Christmas Gift Guide for New Parents

I am so excited to share with you a Christmas gift guide for new parents.

Once you become a new parent, you quickly realize that Christmas is a lot different than before! This includes finding the time and energy to devote to holiday gifting. We can vouch for you: Brainstorming and buying presents for baby, family and friends is no longer as easy breezy as you’d like it to be. Not to worry. We have a helpful holiday present guide at the ready for you. With our tips, you will quickly master the fine art of parental gift giving without losing a second for feeding, tummy time and napping!


Finding Great Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family

We’re here to help you embark on a new milestone—today is the day to throw your idea of the perfect gift out the window. Yes indeed, in the world of parenting, these trivial things no longer matter! A Christmas gift guide for new parents is all about practicality It’s kind of freeing, actually. Instead of obsessing over who will like your gift choices, you can now focus on how to find useful and meaningful items as easily as possible from this awesome list – a Christmas gift guide for new parents

Keep gifting simple by…

  • Shopping at a single store—This could be a department store, bath and body shop or candle boutique. Some new parents like to travel to a store that will give them plenty of variety, so they have no problem knocking everyone’s gifts out during one trip. Others find solace in the fact that no one will say no to delicious smelling soaps or will deny the fun in wearing tacky pajamas on Christmas Eve. In this case, try grabbing a different scented or coloured item for each loved one on your Christmas gift list.
  • Buying online—Another strategy is to make a list ahead of time and then order everything during one shopping session. Perhaps you know where to get great deals on electronics on Black Friday and can simultaneously navigate over to a well-known clothing store in one fell swoop. Ask your significant other or a family member to watch baby for an hour or two while you finish up. Remember: Getting multiple items at the same online store can help you save on shipping. Plus, everything you get on the Internet arrives straight at your door. Talk about a time saver!
  • Embracing the convenience of gift cards—While most people will say they like a heartfelt gift, no one will turn down a gift card. In many cases, they provide people with the freedom to get what they truly want. They’re also a great mood booster after the holidays. Nowadays, they’re available at the grocery and most big box stores, so you can find ones your friends and family like while you buy this week’s dinner or pick up more formula. There are a variety of gift card types, including those for coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores and app stores. There are even general gift cards available through credit card companies, so the people most difficult to buy for can get whatever they want. They come in several denominations, so you can go big or extend a small gesture. We’ve even seen gift card multi-packs available.

Getting Presents for Baby’s First Christmas

The most unique part about buying Christmas gifts for an infant is that they won’t know the significance of your gesture—and they won’t thank you for it, either. It doesn’t matter because you are sure to find immense joy in simply giving toys, clothing and comfort items to your baby. The beauty of all of it is there’s no pressure whatsoever! All you have to do is carve some online or in-store shopping into your schedule.

When it’s time to be Santa for baby…

  • Don’t go overboard—Again, you don’t have a discerning sibling or 10-year-old toy-loving child on your hands. Think about what your little one needs and then throw in a couple of fun stocking stuffers, like a baby’s first Christmas ornament or a pacifier with a plush animal attached to it. The best part is, you’ll have fun opening the gifts, even if you and your significant other get each other less presents than last year!
  • Prioritize learning and exploration—Think soft activity books, playthings for bath time and grasp toys, which are all ideal gifts for stimulating baby’s mind. Don’t forget about teething beads and stroller arches, which will keep infants from becoming fussy and bored when they’re out and about. Other tried and true favorites include age-appropriate musical instruments like xylophones, maracas and mini drums. If you invest in a few of these types of presents, you’ll thank yourself for it later!
  • Clothing is always a good idea—Since infants grow fast, almost every baby will need more cold weather items to last them through the season. In addition to stocking up on warm baby clothes, you can think ahead for spring and, of course, get your fair share of cute holiday outfits and accessories. Remember: Not everything has to wait until Christmas morning. Santa outfits and beautiful dresses for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are fun—and encouraged.

Remembering the Reason for the Season

Before you start worrying about compiling a Christmas gift guide for new parents gifts, remember that the Christmas season is all about spending quality time together and enjoying each other’s company. Pat yourself on the back for being caring enough to think about others and doing something special for them! We’re confident that no matter what you decide on, your family, friends and baby will be grateful you took the time to get them something new. If you have any wiggle room in your budget, we recommend topping your list off with some new clothes or pampering items for you and your significant other!


a christmas gift guide for new parents

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