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Today – How to be a cool parent

how to be a cool parent


How to be a cool parent – simple tips

Do you wonder how to be a cool parent? What does it even mean??

The idea of being a cool parent has been making rounds for decades now, and more and more parents want to become just that, if not more. But what is being a cool parent really all about and how can you become one?

Read on to find out how to be a cool parent.

What is your definition of being a ‘cool parent ‘

So on the quest to learning how to be a cool parent we have to consider actually  what is a cool parent?- it’s certainly not about what you wear or what music you listen too. Nope, that might be how kids define being cool. But that isn’t how we define’cool’  as adults. When we say something or someone is cool we usually mean great and worthy of our respect don’t we?

Want to know how to be a cool parent? Being a cool parent simply means doing a great job at this parenting lark.


Build an Honest Relationship

Cool parenting needs you to first focus on building a stronger, honest relationship with your kids. Encourage them when you need to, but also be there offer constructive criticism to help them get better. Be real and raw in your conversations- if there’s something that doesn’t sit right with you-you, open up about it and work together on how you can solve the issue. If they are doing something great then give them that feedback too. Be in relationship with your child and let them have honest conversations with you too. Sometimes it really helps to share your own experiences with your kids too, about where you have struggled in life and issues you have faced. This honesty will help you seem real and approachable and will help your child understand they do not have to be perfect when facing you..but that we are all human.

Be Dependable

Handling work and home life can be tough, but make sure you’re there for your kids- it matters a lot to them. So the next time you find your kids ranting about something they’re upset about, don’t just shrug it away and send that email or check your Instagram while mindlessly nodding at them- they notice! Listen to what they have to say with full attention. Kids want your presence more than absolutely anything at all. They need to know that they come absolutely first and that you care hugely about what they have to say to you.


How to be a cool parent by having fun together

This one’s a no-brainer. Apart from having meals together as a family to keep the lines of communication open, also focus on having fun together as a family. Plan some trips occasionally where all of you get out and enjoy. Set a movie night every month, or host a cook-off in your kitchen where all of you cook together, play some good music and enjoy. How about a bike ride and a picnic somewhere lovely..or just a walk to a coffee shop for a cake and a catch-up?  I have just been writing about why swimming is the best family activity low cost, fun and playful and with such great physical and mental health benefits too. There are so many nice things you can do together as a family – you just need to be absolutely sure you carve out the time to do them.


Learn how to be a ‘Parent’ before you learn how to be a cool parent

In the attempt to become ‘cool’ for their children, a lot of parents compromise on many aspects of parenting, having hopes that they would become more of a friend to their kids, and that is exactly when things go downhill. Focus more on being a parent, not a friend- your kids will find friendship in school- what they need from you is support, encouragement and care.

Be Approachable

Being approachable is a very important aspect of parenting- setting strict rules and having an atmosphere of constant discipline may seem tempting in order to feel in control but it only helps your kids turn into robots, or worse, disobedient teens. Instead, be a more easy and approachable person to deal with- someone who isn’t impulsive, and someone who your kid would want to share his concerns and ideas with. Be trustworthy too – let them know you won’t splash their lives or worries all over your social media ( so many  parents sadly do this)  By bringing up


Love Unconditionally

This one is the golden rule of parenting- we just HAVE TO love our kids unconditionally and let them know often that we do. Accept them with their flaws, support their wins and praise their effort even when they lose. The more your kids feel supported and loved, the better your connection with them and in turn, the better they will turn out to be as adults. And really that is what we are aiming for isn’t it.

I grew up knowing I was loved just as I was, academically average, not too sporty, loud, opinionated, kind and funny. Let your kids know that each and every single part of them is okay – sure we might need to correct behaviours..but love? Well, it has to be unconditional for it to be all-encompassing and for a child to truly feel valued and worthy just exactly as they are. They NEED to hear that.


Further reading

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Over to you

So, how to be a cool parent – what do you do?…and what do you define as a cool parent? Did you have cool parents and do you think that you are one? I would love to hear from you so do please drop your comments below.


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how to be a cool parent


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