A very good idea for thrifty green parents.

This is a fab idea, so over to new start up Bertie and Bean to tell you their concept.

Online children’s clothing exchange Saving parents time, money and space 

We all know that the one thing kids do without fail is grow. Quickly. So quickly in fact that clothing them on average in the U.K costs £700 a year! Bertie and Bean allows parents to buy ‘nearly-new’ clothing for their children online, whilst making more space at home by sending on clothes that have out grown.

Bags of clothing at Bertie and Bean cost just £20 and on average contain 10 items which are worth around £100. We’ve worked really hard to ensure that the process is easy and quick ; after signing up for free you are sent 2 free post mailing bags. Simply fill these with outgrown children’s clothes and list the bags on the website with a short description and some photos. Other members can then browse and buy your bag with all postage costs and address details covered by Bertie and Bean

In addition to freeing up space in the home, Bertie and Bean will also appeal to the green parent. Each year over 2 million tonnes of clothing end up in landfill and 80% of charity donations are sold for rag. With Bertie and Bean, parents can recycle children’s clothes ensuring their unwanted items go to a good home rather than to waste.

Visit www.bertieandbean.com to sign up for free and start listing outgrown children’s clothes or browse other parent’s bags. Look out for the ‘Chat to Us’ box if you have any questions or contact us through our Facebook or Twitter @BertieandBean.



  1. Lucy
    August 21, 2012 / 9:01 am

    What a fantastic idea, I have joined already and can’t wait to send off my first bag, I have loads of baby clothes just sitting around

  2. August 22, 2012 / 6:54 am

    Almost all my kids clothes are secondhand – will have to have a look at this site!

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