10 simple ways to make a child feel loved


10 simple ways to make a child feel loved, ways to make a child feel loved, simple ways to make a child feel loved

10 simple ways to make a child feel loved

Are you looking for simple ways to make a child feel loved ?

We all want our children to feel loved. It is the one thing that I think all parents have in common. We are all looking constantly for ways to make our kids feel more loved.

When life gets a little crazy it is easy to feel like you are not doing enough. These 10  simple ways to make a child feel loved can be a game changer for busy overwhelmed parents. Here are 10  simple ways to make a child feel loved. I am sure there are a billion more – we just need to give this focus


Lunch box notes

Lunchbox notes are a great and simple way to let your child know they are loved every day. I quick good luck on your test, or I am so proud of you on a sticky note attached to their sandwich is a great way to brighten your child’s day and it only takes a few seconds to do. If you don’t pack a lunch sneak one into the book they are reading.

Precious time one to one

Spend some one on one time with your child. While it may seem difficult to fit one on one time together into a busy day you can always pair up your time with a task that needs to be done. Ask your child to join you cooking dinner.

Lovely little surprises

Sneak into your child’s room while they are asleep before you go to work and leave behind a treat for them to find when they get up.

Lots of hugs

While it seems like something you don’t need to think about pay attention to the number of hugs you are giving each child. An extra hug here and there is easy to give when you are being mindful and kids do notice.

Food for thought

Cook your child’s favorite dinner and let them know you remember it is there favorite. Maybe cook with them you could try this cheese straws jamie oliver recipe. Tiome spent cooking and eating tiogether is absolutely time to bond and it reminds your child that you really like to spemd time with them too.

Ask their opinion and value their opinion

Ask your child’s opinion on choices you make for the family. While this may go against the grain and maybe you can’t do what they want but asking and validating their feelings will make them feel heard and loved.

Instead of just telling your child that you love them, tell your child why you love them. Affirming why goes a long way.

Give your child a sweet nickname just for them. A special name that is just between you two.

Rub your child back while helping them with difficult homework. This small comforting gesture goes a long way.

Say it, often.

Spend time outdoors just hanging out with them ( check out my discovery channel digital metal detector review and the benefits of metal detectring for kids)


So very simple and very effective and so, so important. I hope these 10 simple ways to make a  child feel loved have resonated with you and that you will find it easy to put them into action. Sometimes the very simplest of things really can make all the difference in the world.


And there are more than 10 simple ways to make a child feel loved

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10 simple ways to make a child feel loved, becky goddard, simple ways to make a child feel loved


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    I love this Becky! Simple yet effective way indeed! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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