How to Teach a Child to be Unselfish


How to Teach a Child to be Unselfish


How to teach a child to be unselfish

 Do you wonder how to teach a child to be unselfish and if it is even possible past a certain point?

Kids naturally start to be a little selfish during the toddler years. If you find that you’re raising a selfish child, and they’re in the age group of toddlers, well don’t be shocked. If you’re raising a child who’s grown out of the toddler stage and comes off very selfish, well then perhaps you may want to use some of my tips shared below on how to teach your child to be unselfish. I believe this discussion needs to be had, especially so close to the holiday season. Many kids start to beg and plead for gifts during the holiday season and forget to be more selfless, so now is a great time to start working with your kids on teaching them to be a little bit unselfish. So lets have a look How to Teach a Child to be Unselfish

Be the Example

Your first step in teaching your children to be unselfish is to be the right example. Start being kind to others and not asking for too many things. Hold doors for others and practice patience when the person in front of you in line is taking a little too long. This helps your children see how to be unselfish during a moment where you may normally feel that your time is more valuable than the person in front of you.

Volunteer Often

Try to volunteer as a family at your local animal shelter or food shelter. These are great ways to get your children doing hands-on activities with others. Volunteering is a very selfless act as it takes time out of your day to go and help others. You can take a vote with your family on whether you’ll volunteer at a local food or animal shelter each year.

Hold the Door

Always hold the door for the person behind you. Children learn this at a really young age as most elementary schools require a student to hold the door for the person behind them during recess, lunch and leaving the school. Teach your children to always hold the door for others and to say thank you when someone holds the door for them.

Read Books

Children seem to learn the most from the simple act of you reading aloud to them. Grab some books at your local library or purchase some at a bookstore that pertain to the subject of teaching kids to be unselfish. These books when reading aloud to your children each night will help them learn more about how we should treat our fellow peers and elders in this world.

There you have it, a few simple ways how to teach a child to be unselfish. This life skill is necessary to bring more kindness into the world and to spark an interest in children giving back to society as they get older.


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how to teach a child to be unselfish

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