How much do parents spend on lost school items?


How much do parents spend on lost school items?

Each and every year I spend time and money trying to find or replacing my children’s school belongings. Each year I vow this won’t happen again and I lecture the kids but to no avail.

The school lost property box and I are old friends.

I know I am not alone with this.

Every back to school I promise myself I will be more organised.


How much do parents spend on lost school items?



How much do parents spend on lost school items?

Neatlynamed conducted a survey with 1000 mums which highlighted  VAST amount of lost items as well as how much parents spend replacing missing items and the time spent looking for them.

Are you ready for these rather shocking results?

Parents £1,589 replacing items lost by their kids before the age of ten – and nearly two days in total looking for them.

That’s a horrible thought isn’t it!

What a complete waste of both time and money.

Apparently the average youngster misplaces a total of 483 belongings between the ages of three and ten. Oh yes (though with my daugter I swear it feels like more!)

Hats, jumpers and cuddly toys are apparently the most commonly lost items.

For us without any shadow of a doubt it is cardigans!

How many of those do you think are never found again …


How bizarre…where are all these missing items!

School or nursery is the place children tend to lose things most often – followed by when playing inside at home. So how does that happen? How can stuff sdisappear if you are inside. It boggles my mind but it happens with my kids regularly!


So what percentage of parents do you think label their kids possessions?

How much do parents spend on lost school items

Well actually it is a very sensible 75% that actually do label their kids clothes. And almost 70% of all parents acknowledged that  they are much more likely to find missing items when labelled. This makes complete sense and really we are saving ourselves so much time and money by labelling items we would be rally foolish not to.

Note to self.

As well as distressing parents  55 per cent admit kids find mislaying items traumatic too so it really does have a big impact.

So let’s get labelling!



Neatlynamed provides a range of self-adhesive stickers and name labels designed for children’s clothes and personal items. This includes its Peel ‘n Stick clothes labels, iron-on labels and shoe and sock labels as well as stickers for marking personal belongings. Easy and simple solutions!

All labels can be personalised with a child’s name, choice of colour and an icon.

This week Neatlynamed has also launched its new range of Disney themed clothing labels to help engage children in looking after their items and ensure they are easily identified. The new brightly coloured labels feature some of the most popular Disney characters  friends. Take a peek at


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