How to save money when time is short

Today – How to save money when time is short

I honestly believe the art of budgeting is all about common sense, good resources and the ability to carve out a little chunk of time to dedicate to it every now and again.

Here is a 2 week plan to making some changes when you have only 15 spare minutes a day. Why not diary each task, tick it off as you do it and at the end of two weeks you should definitely feel a lot better off.

How to save money when time is short


How to save money when time is short

Week One:


Why not make a flask of hot tea for when you go out and about. It takes mere moments but saves pounds


Today why not pop online and compare home insurance to see if you’re getting a great deal. If not make the switch. Takes approx 20 mins.


Check your fridge to see what needs using up before it spoils. Meal plan accordingly for the week ahead. This way you won’t throw anything away and you will only buy what you need.                                                        


Cancel subscriptions you don’t need. Simply call your bank. Listen to what your direct debits are. Get rid of any non essentials. Magazines can be borrowed. They gym can be replaced your lounge and a fitness DVD. It’s a ten minute job to make those cancellations.


Check out to find the very cheapest place nearest to you to buy your petrol. Tell your other half and your friends too!


Have a day off!


Head to a car boot sale, can you see any sealed games that would make excellent gifts for Christmas or for birthdays?  What about books for your children these will be hugely cheaper and are great to pop away as stocking fillers or for a rainy day.


Week Two of How to save money when time is short


Got just 5 minutes? Give your local supermarket a call to see when they lower their bread and veg prices each day. This can be a great time to shop.


Open an Amazon account. ‘Like new ‘books are usually exactly like new, but cost much less. Always check this out as a cheaper book buying option.


Call 4 hairdressers. Tell them what you normally have done and ask their best price. Book in with the cheapest for your next ‘do


Go round your house and turn all your lights out. Take everything off standby. Dig out your box of winter jumpers. Make a quick cuppa filling the kettle only as much as you need to. Saving energy saves money. Simple,


Plan your weekend, How about a ramble, getting the local bus to a park a little way away, doing a big baking session with the children. Planning ahead and having ideas at the ready stops a last minute splurge,


Give yourself a day off again


Check down the sides of your sofas and every pocket and handbag you own. You’ll probably amass at least a fiver and its good for the soul to have a clear out.


Off you go….

None of these tasks are hard I am sure you will agree. once you know how to save money when time is short it is all pretty easy

Have you put them in your diary? I bet if you do you have far more chance of doing them and it could make a useful difference to the amount of money you save.

Good luck!

Do pop over to my family budgeting blog for more money saving tips and do let me know if you have found this post on How to save money when time is short to be useful and  do have a look at my post on how to save money quickly



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