Do you have scooter problems?

Today – do you have scooter problems?

Scoot ‘n’ pull is designed to pull your child along when they have run out of puff. You know the sceneraio happy family outting or walk back from school drop off. Your little one happily scootering along. They they aren’t. They have had enough and they want you to carry them and it and now!

Do you have scooter problems?

I think a lot of us have had this problem. Scoot ‘n’pull aims to solve this.

Scoot ‘n Pull was designed by Camilla Alban Davies early this year when she was travelling around town with a small baby and a very busy toddler. She struggled to slow her toddler down and keep him close in busy places and then when he was tired he would refuse to move an inch, and Camilla often found herself carrying toddler and scooter while pushing a pram… so she developed Scoot ‘n Pull .

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I love that it can be used as an over the shoulder carry strap for the scooter as well as a pulley and we have used it now on quite a few occasions. it such a simple thing but so effective.

I have found it so easy just to keep in my bag for when required and my daughter is very happy for a pull when she is tired.

I love it when little products (just£6.99) solve BIG problems…don’t you?

Available in 5 colours from


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  1. Maria @verybusymama
    October 1, 2011 / 11:31 pm

    Yes, I have a problem! Need me one of these 😉

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