How to Teach Your Kids Confidence and Not Arrogance

We all want our children to be confident in themselves, but there’s often a fine line between confidence and arrogance. On the surface, both of these characteristics can look quite similar to one another. We’re here to help you out by offering some advice on how to teach your kids confidence and not arrogance.

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How to Teach Your Kids Confidence and Not Arrogance

Allow Them to Be Themselves

One of the most important factors that go into being confident is being authentic and feeling comfortable in one’s skin. This is why it’s incredibly important that you support your children’s wishes, dreams, curiosity, and independence as long as they aren’t harmful to themselves or others. Encourage them to explore their interests while providing optimism and interest in their endeavors. This will show your children that they’re safe and it’s okay to be themselves.


Practice Self-Love with Them

Self-love is a crucial element of confidence. Without loving oneself, it would be quite the challenge – if not impossible – to feel safe and comfortable with oneself. Children need to be taught self-love at an early age. They need to learn how to love what makes them individuals, and practicing self-love with them is an effective way for them to achieve this. It could be as simple as starting each day by having them express 4 or 5 things that they love about themselves.


Remind Them of Their Positives

Childhood and adolescence are complicated and trying times for most. It’s important you remember what it was like when you were that age when it comes to teaching your kids confidence and not arrogance. If your child is feeling down about something, you’ll want to remind them of all that’s good about them. Even if it doesn’t necessarily resonate with them at that moment, you can bet they’ll remember it moving forward. It also teaches them to not only focus on the negative of a situation but to always remember the good that’s within them.


Teach Them to Not Compare or Judge

When it comes to confidence and arrogance, one of the main differences between the 2 is comparison or judgment. This is why it’s crucial to teach your children not to compare or judge. Arrogance has the attitude that one is better than another, and you don’t want your children to adopt this characteristic. By helping them to see that everyone has their own unique, individual way of living – you teach them not only to accept themselves but those around them.


Show Them the Way of Compassion

Compassion is the antithesis of judgment, and it’s why it plays a paramount role in helping to teach your kids confidence instead of arrogance. When one learns how to be more compassionate, they’re much more understanding and accepting of themselves and others. Compassion will help your kids to develop confidence in a way that’s beneficial to themselves and those they have relationships with.



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