Gift Ideas for an Uncle

Today – Uncle gift ideas – What to get an uncle for Christmas or birthdays.

Sometime it is a real struggle to know what on earth to buy someone for their birthday and Uncles can be especially difficult I think.

But they are so special, aren’t they?

Uncle Gift Ideas - Great gifts for an uncle for Christmas or Birthday


I have a couple of uncles who I adore. One of them is funny and kind and makes me giggle with tales of my dad and times gone by. He’s a great lover of music and possessor of a huge, kind heart.

I have another uncle; wise and thoughtful, a more serious but gentle man, who pulls the family together.

I also have my great uncle who is just wonderful. At 91 he still travels all over the world by himself, reliving and making memories. He has an adventurous spirit and many many tales to tell and I absolutely adore him. He was married to my granny’s sister and is my connection to my family’s past and my only relative of that generation still here. He is very precious. He sends me postcards from his travels and oh they do make me smile.

My children have 2 of the loveliest uncles and they are both warm and kind and fun to be around. I think it is lovely they have these positivemale role models in their life and they are really treasured.



So what do I send mine and my children’s uncles for their birthday?  Hmmm let’s see… in the past few years I have bought:



Travel Books

Games to play with the family


Mini food hampers

Cinema vouchers




When it comes to sending birthday wishes letting them know how much they are treasured is just as, if not more, important than the gift.

If you follow this link you will find  some lovely uncle gift ideas for quotes and images containing beautiful thoughts and words (including those displayed here) all conveying happy birthday wishes for an uncle

Let them know you care.

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