Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Today – Craft gifts for kids, creative Christmas gift ideas

It can be hard can’t it to come up with fantastic craft gifts for kids, so I have done the hard work for you, and I have picked 3 great craft gifts for kids that I think are a little bit different and rather fabulous.

Creating is so good for a child in so many ways, it fires their imagination, helps their fine motor skills, encourages their self expression and helps their self esteem. It is also away for them to find their own style and enjoy their uniqueness. Children get totally absorbed when they are creative and it is a lovely way for them to play by themselves.

These are presents that last too and won’t just be a one minute wonder which renders them really cost effective presents too – these kinds of gifts will last years and totally grows with a child so they are actually great value for money too.

Over at Kiddicare I have found the most wonderful easel These can be used inside or outside and are such a lovely addition to any playroom.

Craft gifts for kids - The best creative Christmas gift ideas

The FunEasel is made from natural wood and it height-adjustable so will grow with a child.

You can remove the blackboard and attach it to the wall if you wish and its magnetic too. Included is a tray and a Magnetic Board Rubber. How cool is this! It will certainly save your tables form getting drawn on too!

What a truly lovely gift idea. Have look here for a Kiddicare discount code

Art is a very absorbing soothing and mindful pastime that can really help a child relax and is well worth encouraging.


Next up is something completely different but another craft gifts for kids that is certain to being joy into the home in regular bursts! My children have received these int he past and they absolutely loved them.

Have you heard of toucanBox ? It is basically a flexible subscription service delivering creative craft boxes to children aged 3-8 (you can get a free one off box to see what you think of it.) It is delivered fortnightly (though you can alter this) and just pops through the letter box so it really is a craft box that just keeps on giving. There is also no commitment so you can cancel at any time.

Inspired by Montessori learning and encouraging STEAM, each toucanBox is built by educational experts to really aid a child’s development as well as bring them some really fun experiences. Boxes are themed and include all sorts of crafts and projects. A really unusual and fun gift.

What do I love about it most?

Well it just pops through your letter box so you do not have to be in and waiting for a parcel delivery. Plus, it comes with everything you need including really good instructions.  I would love them to do an adult version of a toucanBox I would be first in the queue. Click through here for a Toucan Box discount code


Craft gifts for kids - The best creative Christmas gift ideas


Now I would like to show you something rather fabulous from Mothercare. It was my absolutely favourite creativity toy s for my to when they were little tots. It is an aqua activity mat

Why did I like it so much. Well first of all there was no mess, you just use water to draw with so no stains on carpets, no dried up pens, no paint pots to wash and no marks on clothes, This you is a parents dream!

I know so many people who discourage their child’s creativity because they dont want a mess in the home and whilst I would never do that oh my goodness their ca be a lot of clean up to do after a young child has gotten creative.

Don’t talk to me about glitter! Your house will never recover!

Craft gifts for kids - The best creative Christmas gift ideas

Aqua activity mats work when you fill the pen with water and draw on them. The marks disappear when the mat dries and you can have another go. This really reduces waste and their are no expensive refill costs .

This is a lovely toy to take with you when you go visiting as again it is mess free and the mat folds right down and just pops into your bag. Here is a Mothercare discount code  that might prove useful.

Kids love this mat because it is a big blank space for them to write draw and play on. They can be as wild as they like and mistakes don’t matter as eventually their art will disappear. There is no worrying about finding storage space for all their little masterpieces with this mat too! You can always take a quick photo is they really want to keep hold of the image.

In these days of technology it is so important to keep our children imagining and creating and pushing forward with their ability to concentrate. It is also really important they they have time without artificial light and learn to develop their fine motor skills.

I love to give creative gifts that encourage children’s artistic development and I do love it when my children are given these kinds of gifts too.

So there you go three lovely craft gifts for kids for Christmas (or any gift time really.)

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