Essential beauty tips for new mums

Guest Post – beauty tips for new mums

If you’ve recently become a mum for the first time – congratulations! Welcoming a new child into the world is an exciting thing, but it can be easy to be negative about how it affects your body. Stretch marks, droopy breasts and a larger stomach are all common complaints, but there are things you can do to feel more glamorous.


Beauty tips for new mums

Buy a nursing bra

Whether you gave birth five months or five days ago, your chest will look different than it did before you got pregnant. The good news is, a decent nursing bra can offer you the support and shape you need while you’re lactating, so don’t worry about wearing glamorous push up lingerie or arranging a boob job procedure just yet. Instead, find something that suits your new shape and ensure it’s comfortable as you’ll probably wear it for a little while yet.

Make use of your maternity clothes

You’ll probably feel a lot slimmer without your bump, but if you’re a little self-conscious about your post-pregnancy bulge – make the most of maternity clothes. Wear the ones you bought when you first started to show, or venture out to the shops and search for something new. There are many great designs out there, so you can look your best no matter what your size. If you can’t wait to get out of your maternity gear, team a loose shirt with jeggings and you’ll be feeling confident and ready to meet for lunch with other new mums in no time!

Take care of your skin

Being a new mum is hard. A busy schedule and a lack of sleep can take its toll on your skin, so don’t forget to maintain your beauty regime. Exfoliate at least once a week to remove excess grease from your pores and moisturise on a regular basis. If you’ve got stretch marks as a result of pregnancy, try using Shea butter to minimise the scars or get your hands on some Bio-Oil. The purple lines will turn to silver eventually but these products are thought to make them heal quicker. If you’re a little strapped for cash, olive oil could also prove beneficial as it as contains antioxidants and skin-softening properties.

Style your hair

If you’re lucky, your baby will sleep for a significant portion of the day (if not night). This should give you plenty of time to take a shower and revitalise your hair. Simply washing your locks in a sweet smelling shampoo can lift your mood immediately and help you feel more energised for the rest of the day. If your little one wakes up (or you’re scared of disturbing him), you can even let it dry naturally – at least it won’t be greasy.

beauty tips for new mums


Photo Credit: Paul Stevenson

There’s a lot to get used to during those first few months, but these beauty tips for new mums should help.


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