Gorgeous affordable maternity wear that celebrities love too

If you are looking for maternity wear worn by celebrities and affordable to you I have found just the shop.



I was never glamorous during my pregnancies. I wore big jumpers and slogan t-shirts and most of my clothes came from the supermarkets. I think I was so sick during hose baby days I really could not be bothered a lot of the time. I used  to look on in envy and wish I looked as great as some of the there mums I would see out and about.

A couple of years in a few of these more ‘glam’ pregnant ladies feel like lifelong friends and when we have talked over their pregnancy style and my lack of and they let me into their ‘secret’

The secret it turns out was to have just a few key pieces that were from maternity specific stores and of good quality. They then accessorised to create different looks. I on the other hand had LOTS of baggy tops!

I have recently been introduced to a gorgeous maternity store called Seraphine. Celebritites like Emma Bunton, Kate Hudson Clauida Schiffer and Danni Minogue have shopped her and it is regularly featured in the press. It’s got some beautiful maternity items  and their sale items are very good value. Take a look…








Aren’t these dresses just gorgeous! and far cheaper than I would expect from a Kensington maternity boutique. Seraphine is a classy and classic  maternity store and they sell everything form nursing bras to maternity wedding dresses and their is a huge range to choose from.There are advisors on hand to advise on fit and offer maternity styling advice. At over 2000 square feet Seraphine’s Kensington store is London’s largest maternity clothes store. You can go for a personal shopping evening and enjoy a one on one consultation as well as refreshments .

Take a look at their stunning wedding dresses

maternity wedding dress

They also dress many celebrities….

and they have a Luxe range for those special occasions

I really am quite amazed by the choice and the clothes are very cool ! Much cooler than my baby on board baggy T-shirts!

Look at the lovely maternity lingerie they sell….

sexy maternity lingerie

The  store also sell accessories including this rather delicious looking handbag…

Angelina Jolie had a bag form this range and if it is good enough for her…..

A lovely shop indeed and surprisingly good value. You can shop online at Seraphine. They have maternity boutiques in Hampstead and in Kensington

I think every mum should have one glam outfit at least in her maternity wardrobe. if nothing else you are going to want to have  one great picture of your bump.

You have something pretty special to show off after all.



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