How to afford beauty on a budget

Today- How to afford beauty on a budget

It’s not easy being beautiful, but it can be inexpensive if you know how to take advantage of online discounts. Here are some thoughts on hoe to afford beauty on a budget.

We all know that visiting the salon can be pricey but did you know that high-priced salons are anxious to offer half-price services to new customers? Forget about paying the same mediocre stylist for a mediocre look. Be smart and book cheap spa days at some of the most luxurious salons and spas and leave your friends looking green with envy.


How to afford beauty on a budget

How to afford beauty on a budget



Joining “Deal of the Day” groups, such as Wahanda’s Mobdeal, is one of the easiest ways to score cheap spa days. Wahanda uses your location to determine what deals you will receive. High-priced, trendy salons frequently offer half-price services through these kinds of mailing lists.


Browse local publications to find new stylists announcing their arrival at a salon near you. Typically, these stylists have left their clientele and are so desperate to find new regular customers that they offer big discounts on their services. It’s a good idea to ask about the stylist’s training and experience before you book the appointment.


Let your friends and family know that you would love to receive spa gift certificates for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. It’s much nicer to receive something you will actually use rather than another candle or bad jumper.


All women love being pampered, so your friends will love it when you host a spa night at your house.

Take turns giving pedicures, manicures and hair conditioning treatments while you kick back and watch chick flicks. Make it a ritual and take turns hosting.

If the group wants to splurge, share the cost of a massage therapist to make his or her way around the room. The price will be considerably cheaper than if you all scheduled individual appointments.


Some stylists distribute recommendation cards. Sign your name on the back, and if your friend books an appointment, you receive a discounted service on your next visit.


Check independent salon websites for new customer discounts as well – there are some great deals to be found by shopping around!


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  1. naomi richards
    January 19, 2011 / 4:29 pm

    I like the idea of a spa day at someones house – cheaper than the real thing and you get to do stuff at your own pace. I think it is a good idea about cheaper haircuts too. Student night at haridressers can give you a free haircut if you have a free evening.

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