There is enough food for everyone IF… (please read this)

There is enough food for everyone IF

There is enough food in the world for everyone but not everyone in the world has enough food. Hunger kills over 200 children every hour. I think that is so very sad don’t you? Of course you do. But…WE ARE NOT HELPLESS. Here is what we can do.

Save the Children believe we need to generate so much noise that our leaders have no choice but to act. Not enough people know that the world produces enough food for everyone.This year with David Cameron leading the G8 group of richest countries, we have a once in a generation chance to make sure everyone gets the food they need to live. It’s within our reach, IF we act together.

Here is how you can help in just 3 minutes…

Follow @savechildrenuk  on twitter & share their campaign link f(or this post) with your friends using the hashtags #if and #tellamillion

Please just spare 2 minutes to watch this little video and sign this petition

Thats completely fabulous. Brilliant and Awesome.

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