Budget makeover ideas for a child’s room


Budget makeover ideas for a child’s room

Children spend a lot of time hanging out in their bedrooms, especially as they get older and want more space to themselves or to have friends over to hang out. It is important a child loves their bedroom and that it grows with them. They grow so fast though, don’t they! It can be hard to keep up. This is why any makeovers need to be kept on budget and need to be of minimal spend and effort. Here are some budget makeover ideas for a child’s room that I am hoping will help:

Floor cushions

Whether you choose cushions for your floor or some for the bed, colourful kids cushions really can make all the difference to a room and give it a lovely comfy and cosy feel. It can also give a room a glorious pop of colour, or in the case of Dixie stripe cushion below lots of pops of colour!

Budget makeover ideas for a child’s room

Cushions can also be a lovely way to add pattern to a room without it being overwhelming. I love this on trend arrow cushion.

Floor cushion images from www.simplycushions.com.au


Kids love to hang out on floor cushions, reading or playing games or just chilling out and chatting. It is lovey way to add extra seating to the room to and of course they are super easy to store away when that extra space is needed.

A great budget buy to add another dimension to a child’s bedroom.



One of my pet hates is to see ripped posters taped up in a child’s room. I know the walls will end up marked and I think it is such a scruffy look! So my advice would be to buy a large and inexpensive frame that your child can alternate their posters in and out of. Not only will the look better but they will stop your walls being marked!

There are lots of ways to display kids art, but I think photos are best. Children love to see photos of places they have been, things they have done, their family and theirs friends displayed on their wall. A multi window frame a wall hanging with photo sleeves makes this a brilliant piece of wall art they can keep changing around as they grow.



Such an inexpensive way to give a room a little makeover is to change up the duvet cover it is amazing what a difference it can make. From my little pony to a current pop favourite, nothing signifies grow up as visually as duvet change in a child’s bedroom! Grab some kids cushions in their favourite colours to finish the look and make it extra cosy.



Small changes like a new lampshade or an inspirational, pretty or inspiring wall decal all add extra layers of interest and cohesion to a room yet can cost very little.



A colour changing night light, a string of fairy lights, a dimmer switch – all of these can change how a room looks and alter the mood to one of softness and calm. Investing (just a little amount) in different lighting can really give a child’s room a lovely makeover.



I hope these budget makeover ideas for a child’s room have inspired you. I would love to hear your ideas too, as ever please leave them in the comments below.





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  1. November 13, 2017 / 11:34 am

    Some fab tips! We are looking to split one big room into two next year for our 2 children and we need to do it on a tight budget so these tips will help 🙂

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