5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room

Today –  5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room

When your living room starts to feel a little flat, knowing how to inject some instant and cost-effective new style is key. We’ve got a few suggestions for you here that will have you falling in love with your lounge again in no time.

Put coffee tables to good use

There’s a wide range of coffee tables to choose from now, so whether you’re into contemporary lines, vintage shapes or classic designs, there will be a perfect occasional table for you. Colour has also become a big factor as well, with even some of the most understated designs now available in myriad shades, so don’t worry about being able to find a perfect fit for your interior decor scheme.

Once you have your ideal coffee table in place, seek to make more of it. Decorate with beautiful books, fresh flowers or a striking lamp, to draw the eye to your new addition. This will help to create the illusion that you’ve revamped the whole space, not just simply installed a small piece of furniture.

Swap out the textiles

Quick and easy but super impactful, swapping your textiles out for something in a drastically different colour will freshen up your entire living room and won’t cost you nearly as much as redecorating the entire room. If you’re doing everything at once, you can be sure to get items that complement each other too, so no need to try and patch together a coordinated colour scheme.

Start with big-ticket items, such as curtains. If you’re decorating seasonally, opt for darker shades in winter, finished in heavy fabrics, for a cosy and warmer vibe. From here, you can branch out to similarly toned sofa throws and cushions and, if you really want to change things up, you can add in a rug as well. Just remember that whatever you swap in, you’ll need to store the old version, so make sure you have the space.


Less isn’t always more

If you tried a drastic decluttering and you still aren’t happy with the way your living room looks and feels, perhaps you should go the other way! Minimalism can be fabulous and looks so right in some homes, but others need the personal memorabilia, the history and the sense of being lived in. Yours might be one of them. In short, minimalism is not for everybody.

If you have a wall with a picture hanging on it, why not move it elsewhere and see what impact your book collection might have there instead? Or a library of vinyl records? What was a fairly blank space with just one picture in it could be a valuable display area that lends itself to creating a more personal and practical area. Nothing is permanent, so if you don’t like the way a bookcase looks, you can just move it again.


Modernise the electronics

We’re not ones to advocate the unnecessary upgrading of technology just to keep up with the Joneses, but if you have a big floor-standing television, you can probably justify treating yourself to something a little sleeker and more modern. Especially if you don’t have a smart TV yet.

Think of it this way: a floor-standing television takes up plenty of space and gives you a fully wasted corner, behind the unit. If you find a modern screen that you like the look of, you should be able to have it mounted on a wall, freeing up that previously neglected corner and giving you room for a new lamp, a cosy reading corner or anything you fancy. Also, if you get a more modern television, you should be able to ditch all the set-top boxes (and accompanying wires) too, as most streaming services are built-in now or can be downloaded as apps to the TV.

Look at the lights

Finally, this is a tip that so many people overlook but it can be one of the most effective: change out your lighting. Let’s start with the main light. If you can’t face the task of changing out the actual fixture for something new, is there a shade you can update? Perhaps the fixture itself could be painted? Remember that main lighting needs to be bright so don’t update at the expense of being able to illuminate properly.

Lamps, candles and string lights should all now be thought about. Lamps help to create the perfect evening ambience, and a few pretty candles never hurt anybody either. Think of your lighting as setting the atmosphere at various times of the day and you’ll understand why you need a few options.

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Sprucing up your living room doesn’t have to be a mammoth or expensive task. In fact, it can be done in one weekend, if you can shop savvily and don’t mind moving a few things around!


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