Where and how to get your Be Kind Smiggle band for anti-bullying week

 do Be Kind Smiggle band

Today on This Morning the Be Kind campaign was launched for anti-bullying week. Smiggle are supporting this fabulous campaign by giving away 150,000 free Smiggle Be Kind bands. Have a look at my daughters little video below and she will tell you how and where to get your’s from.

There are so many ways we can encourage our children to speak out and and stand up and be kind,

5 things I would encourage parents to actively do in relation to this issue are:

  1. Help your child to identifty different adults they could turn to if they had a problem.
  2. Teach them to speak clearly and confidently through role play.
  3. Encourage them to have a wide circle of friends so if they have problems with one set they can always go and play with someone else.
  4. Talki through their rights with them so they kknow what is NOT acceptable e.g pushing, kicking, name calling.
  5. Help them develop high self seseteem through positive feedback, encouraging independence, and strengthening their belief inthemselves

As parents we should always contact school if we feel our child is bullying or being bullied as they will want to work in partnership with us. It is importantnot to just see it as ‘one of those things’ or ‘just part of childhood’  It can cause untold damage now and in the furture and it needs not to be tolerated.

Let’s encourage all or kids to #BeKind

Have a look here to  find out more about the Be Kind campaign and how to get a free Smiggle band


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