They grow up so fast

They grow up so fast

Oh the times I heard the phrase they grow up so fast when I was knee deep in nappies and covered in mango puree and just wanted to laugh! But looking a my children now ages 7 and 10  I realized that yes actually the time has whizzed by. Too fast.

frankie and lisis

I was very lucky to have the baby and preschool days at home with my children and we had lots and lots of beautiful moments together. Oh how I resented school coming along and putting an end to that. Although they of course relish the challenges and the friendships for me those early at home days were the most precious of times.

kids andme 2014

We would spend our days surrounded by books… they both loved endless stories. Many trips were made to the park to swing again and again and to kick little footballs through the long grass. We would have a picnic whenever we could  and we visited great gran often.  Many times we had friends to play too. Ordinary but magical days are the ones I remember and cherish the most.

Fairy non bio  have a campaign called the #PowerofSoft on the go. It’s purpose is to encourage parents to embrace every single  moment of these wonderful preschool days and get in lots of cuddles. . Have  look at the little video they are sharing (I have to admit to shedding a little tear)

If I could say anything to any pre-school parents out there is  they really honestly DO grow up so fast , make your memories and get in your cuddles now before they are too busy to keep still!








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